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Florida Water Damage Services

Water may be a crucial resource, but it’s also one of the most destructive natural forces in Florida. If your home or business is ever damaged by flooding, a leak, or fire, it’s important to know where to turn for help. By calling a trusted Florida water damage restoration provider as soon as water problems appear, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in repair work, not to mention the heartache of losing precious or important items – or even your entire structure.

At, we carefully screen our local water damage service providers to ensure that you’ll get quality help quickly. All providers must meet the tough standards of an independent certification body, and all work must be guaranteed for one year. Our providers are also licensed, bonded and insured. Plus, your initial quote is FREE. And when you call from anywhere within our Florida service area, your local water damage provider will be there in 60 minutes or less. That’s good news considering the speed at which water damage can occur.

How much will water damage restoration cost?

That’s an important question. Water damage services can vary greatly in cost because they’re dependent on a wide range of factors. Your location within Florida, the type of water damage you’re experiencing, the length of time the water has been present, and the type of structure that’s been damaged all play a role in your total restoration bill.

Here’s a quick glance at how costs are impacted by some of these factors.

{water damage cost infographic}

Also keep in mind that quoted prices may cover different services based on who’s quoting. Reputable water damage restoration companies in Florida will include the initial inspection, cost of material, site prep, labor and clean-up in their quotes, so be sure to ask for a pricing break-down.

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Why use a local Florida provider?

Water damage happens quickly, and the longer you wait to start mitigating your problem, the more damage your home or business will suffer. In Florida, we partner with providers across the state so that help can be at your door in under an hour.

But using a local water damage technician isn’t just for convenience. A local provider will understand the nature of water problems that are likely to occur in Florida, and may have a better understanding of your area’s construction standards and characteristics, which can help with solving complex restoration projects.

Don’t let water damage ruin your home or business. Call our Florida provider network immediately to be connected with an on-call technician, and protect your assets from the devastating loss of water emergencies.

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