Water Damage Restoration Companies

When your home or business suffers water damage, getting help quickly is critical.  But getting the right kind of help is equally important.

Our water damage restoration companies are licensed, bonded and insured, meaning you’ll receive the highest quality work possible. Every job, regardless of size, will receive the attention to detail it deserves. In fact, our providers guarantee it. If your provider’s workmanship fails within the first year, they’ll come back and correct it – at no extra charge. That’s the kind of help you can depend on.


Our Restoration Companies

Trained, Certified and Monitored

Did you know that professional standards dictate how your home is cleaned and restored after a water damage incident? Two independent bodies – the IICRC and the RIA – train and certify water damage restoration professionals around the world to ensure your water damage services are done safely and correctly.

All water damage companies found on WaterDamageRestoration.net are IICRC certified, meaning their technicians have completed rigorous training and have satisfactorily met the requirements of certification.  Once registered, all IICRC-member technicians must earn continuing education credits to maintain their certification.