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With more than 30 years of experience in the flood and water damage industry, Accu Clean Environmental Solutions has the expertise you’re looking for when dealing with a property disaster. From emergency sewage pump-outs to dehumidification services there’s no aspect of a water damage issue you can’t trust to Accu Clean. And since Accu Clean Environmental Solutions maintains a large service area, you’re never far from help.

24/7 service from Accu Clean Environmental Solutions

Flash floods and toilet overflows rarely happen when it’s convenient, so Accu Clean Environmental is always available to take your call. With expertly trained and certified technicians and modern, state-of-the-industry equipment you know you’re in good hands when you reach an Accu Clean operator.

Flash floods are unpredictable, and they can cause irreparable damage to your home if not treated immediately. The sooner you call after flooding strikes the easier and likely less expensive the cleanup process can be. Accu Clean Environmental Solutions' technicians know their way around the toughest sewage and water damage issues in your home or business.

  • Floods can cause wood rot within your foundation
  • Walls that soak up moisture are susceptible to mold and mildew
  • Ceilings that have flooded may be less structurally sound
  • Sewage floods can spread hazardous diseases and bacteria throughout your home or business

Water damage won’t wait. When you’ve got a serious issue inside your home or business, call Accu Clean Environmental Solutions right away to ensure moisture and sewage are extracted quickly and completely.

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Don’t let sewage cause problems down the road

Sewage overflows aren’t the kind of issue that can simply be mopped up. When you have a toilet backup or a septic tank issue, you need to call in a professional.


Bacteria in sewage may make you sick

Sewage water is far more unsanitary than flooding caused by weather or leaky pipes and must be handled accordingly. Leaving sewage floods untreated can make you and your family or employees and customers sick by spreading bacteria, viruses and all kinds of refuse throughout the structure. Without professional cleanup from a company such as Accu Clean Environmental Solutions you risk leaving microscopic particles within your walls and floors.

Sanitation services are crucial in the aftermath of a sewage overflow, and mold remediation is often necessary as well. The faster you work to clean up an overflow issue from the get-go, the less work and money you might require later on.

Act fast when you have a home flood

It’s important to react quickly when you experience a water damage issue in your home. Accu Clean Environmental Solutions is available 24 hours a day to ensure you’ve always got assistance when you need it. A certified technician can respond in less than an hour to get started on your no-cost, on-site estimate.

The Accu Clean Environmental Solutions team is highly trained and all work at your home or business is guaranteed for a year. It also understands that filing an insurance claim after you have experienced a disaster is stressful and has an entire department dedicated to working with your insurance company to make sure your claim is handled fast.

If you have questions about your options when it comes to water damage restoration or sewage extraction, call Accu Clean Environmental Solutions today to speak to an expert in the field. Don’t hesitate to call when you experience an emergency in your home or place of business.

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