Emergency Clean-Up Services

Got water damage inside your Michigan home or business? AccuDry Restoration Services specializes in a wide range of cleaning services including water restoration, fire damage, mold removal, and bio-hazard cleaning. Extensive experience and highly-trained professionals make AccuDry Restoration Services the #1 choice for quality cleanup in your area.

Water Damage Won’t Wait

When you’re facing the devastating effects of water damage inside your home, you need help fast. AccuDry Restoration Services has years of experience handling difficult water repair cleanup issues. With heavy-duty equipment and consistent training updates, AccuDry’s technicians are prepared for your cleanup job.

AccuDry Restoration Services uses a variety of state-of-the-art tools to ensure your property is cleaned and dried right the first time, including:

  • Industrial dehumidifiers
  • Ultra high-speed air blowers
  • Sanitation equipment

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It’s crucial when you experience a flood or significant water damage to bring in a professional immediately. AccuDry works fast to ensure your floors, walls, and furniture are dried as quickly as possible so you won’t have to deal with lingering odors or mold issues.

If you do end up with mold as a result of water damage, AccuDry Restoration Services offers an array of mold remediation services to help you get rid of mildew. Certain strains of mold can actually make you sick, so if you suspect you have a mold problem, call now.

AccuDry Offers All Kinds of Cleanup Options

Flooding is one of the most urgent home disasters you can experience, and AccuDry is here to help. Their team of professionals is also trained to manage several other kinds of business and home cleanup situations as well.


Clean Up a Nasty Mess in Your Home

Water damage can cause all kinds of mold and mildew problems, but what about sewer problems? Sewage spread throughout your home can actually make your family sick, and it doesn’t take long to infect everything it touches. AccuDry’s team has several levels of cleaning certification including recognition from the American Bio-Recovery Association which means they’re prepared for even the dirtiest jobs.

Whether it’s flood, fire, or sewer damage that’s got you all tied up in knots, call your preferred cleanup team at AccuDry Restoration Services today. The sooner you begin cleaning up the mess the less lasting effects you’re likely to experience.

AccuDry Restoration Services Guarantees All Its Work

The professional, courteous team at AccuDry Michigan stands behind all water damage and cleanup work they perform. There’s more than one reason to turn to AccuDry Restoration Services when you need help with a home disaster issue:

  • Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Direct billing with your insurance company
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work
  • Equipment large enough for commercial and industrial jobs

If you’ve experienced issues in the wake of a strong thunderstorm or even had a basement flood, keep AccuDry Restoration Services in mind. No one knows this area’s cleanup needs better.

Get in touch with a knowledgeable operator today when you call the AccuDry Restoration Servces office near you. Don’t wait days or even hours to start handling a home water disaster; the longer you wait the more damage you’ll cause. When you need fast, reliable water repair, even in the middle of the night, call AccuDry Restoration Services right away.


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