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Disasters can happen at any time, but with Allphase Restoration and Construction on call, you’re always prepared. From water damage to flooding to sewage problems, Allphase Restoration and Construction is your choice when it comes to quality, professional cleanup services. Serving our customers for more than 30 years, Allphase Restoration and Construction knows exactly how to get the job done fast and get you back to normal. Don’t wait – call now to get started!

Water damage can wreck your home 

Allphase Restoration and Construction knows the devastation a home flood can cause. If you’ve got water damage restoration needs, call the emergency help line right now. A certified technician will respond to your call within an hour.

When you’ve got water in your floors, walls and even your furniture, you need professional drying equipment to ensure the moisture is fully removed. Allphase Restoration and Construction has the latest in water repair technology and will leave you confident that your home is dry. All its work is guaranteed for one year.

From wet drywall repair to carpet moisture extraction, every element of your home is vulnerable to mold and other long-term issues if left wet. Allphase Restoration and Construction offers a variety of options to get your house and belongings clean and deodorized.


Have you had a sewage issue?

Toilet overflows and septic system backups happen, and not always at the most convenient times. Allphase Restoration and Construction knows how to handle your worst sewage nightmares and will work with you to get your home clean and habitable quickly.

If left untreated by a professional, you risk leaving behind all kinds of toxins when you clean up a sewage overflow:

  • Diseases such as hepatitis can be spread through raw sewage

  • Hard-to-remove sewage smells permeate all surfaces they touch

  • Toxic mold can form when sewage moisture isn’t cleaned up properly

  • Raw sewage can make your family and your pets sick

Call Allphase Restoration and Construction immediately if you’re faced with a nasty sewage overflow. From basement floods to toilet overflows, its certified technicians have the equipment and training to treat your home’s disaster.

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Floods and water damage never take a day off. Here are some common times that water problems strike:

  • During holidays or parties when plumbing is stressed

  • While you’re on vacation and can't notice a potential problem

  • In the early morning hours after a storm

  • After having a new appliance installed

No one ever expects a flooded basement or soppy ceiling, but with Allphase Restoration and Construction by your side you’ve got a solution. Providing a multitude of services, including fire damage repair and general construction contracting, Allphase Restoration and Construction is your answer when it comes to home disasters.

The longer you wait to take care of water damage after a storm or flood, the more likely you may encounter mold, mildew or structural issues in the future. Call Allphase Restoration and Construction immediately when you experience a water, sewer or fire damage problem to get a free estimate and get started with cleanup right away.

Allphase Restoration and Construction will work diligently with your insurance provider to ensure your claim gets processed correctly and quickly. It knows how to work within insurance guidelines to keep your costs in check, and with more than 30 years’ experience, there’s no problem its workers can’t solve. If you have water damage restoration needs or any other home disaster questions, call the 24-hour help line right now.

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