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When your home has been damaged by flood, mold, weather, or water call American Oxy-Dry as soon as possible to get started with professional cleanup. With more than 18 years of experience in the disaster renovation industry, American Oxy-Dry is your go-to source for all home damage needs. Whether it’s fire, tornado, or storm flooding you’ve experienced, American Oxy-Dry can help.

Tumultuous weather may mean disaster for your home 

It’s no secret that weather can be unpredictable. This hard-to-plan-for threat to your home means you need someone on-call to handle your worst water and storm damage needs. That’s where American Oxy-Dry comes in.

When you’ve got storm damage, basement flooding, or even post-flood mold issues to handle, American Oxy-Dry has the experience and equipment to get you back to normal fast. The sooner you start water damage restoration after disaster strikes, the better off you’ll be in preventing long-term damage to your home.

Mold issues should be addressed immediately


Storms, can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home in just a matter of minutes. Wind is a particularly big factor in storm cleanups and American Oxy-Dry will provide you with an accurate estimate and courteous service as soon as you call.

Storm damage left untreated can lead to other issues such as mold and water seeping into your home’s foundation. If your roof has been compromised, your plumbing affected or your carpets and walls soaked, call American Oxy-Dry now for a free, on-site estimate about your options.

What can water damage do to your home?

American Oxy-Dry has seen far too many homes damaged by water left untreated. Many people try to dry out their homes on their own and end up with mold problems in the long run because they can't remove all the moisture. Oftentimes, the only method that works is professional, modernized equipment designed to remove all traces of moisture quickly. Fast work is the only way to assure your home gets thoroughly dried out.

When you let water or moisture sit on the organic surfaces of your home for extended periods of time, the following may happen:

• Toxic mold may form 

• Smelly mildew can seep in and be difficult to remove

• Rot can cause irreparable damage to wood and walls

• Electrical systems inside your walls may be damaged

• Your home’s foundation could become compromised

When you need help fast in your area, call American Oxy-Dry right away to get an accurate quote any time, day or night.

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Don’t let storms wreak havoc on your structure

American Oxy-Dry has been serving homes and businesses for nearly 20 years. With professional, courteous team members who are fully licensed, certified and insured, you’re in good hands when you trust in American Oxy-Dry.

Call now if you’ve experienced any of the following:

• Fire or smoke damage

• Water or flood issues

• Mold or mildew

• Severe storm damage

American Oxy-Dry works with homeowners and business owners and their insurance companies to resolve claims quickly. Plus, all work is guaranteed for one year. Don’t worry that your home or office will never be the same again – with American Oxy-Dry you can be back to normal in just a few hours, depending on the severity of your damage.

Get professional, experienced service from American Oxy-Dry in your neighborhood when you call today. Get a free estimate right over the phone and don’t forget that American Oxy-Dry has representatives available to take your call 24-hours a day – someone can respond to your call in less than an hour! Don’t let water damage stop you in your tracks.

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