Your Water Disasters Call for American Water Damage

Water damage restoration and drying services are best left to the professionals. When you experience floods, storm damage or any type of serious water issues in your home, call American Water Damage immediately to begin repairs. American Water Damage handles all types of home disaster issues, from sewage overflows to mold remediation. Call now to find out why your neighbors have trusted American Water Damage for years to clean up their worst water damage problems.

Water damage comes in all forms

There’s no standard “water damage issue” among homes and businesses. Structures see water issues stemming from a variety of sources, but American Water Damage knows what to do regardless of the cause of your damage.


What causes water damage in homes and businesses?

American Water Damage handles all levels of water damage issues, from severe to minor, although its trained and certified technicians recognize that when it’s your home, no amount of damage feels insignificant. Here are a few of the most common reasons they see water damage in residential and commercial structures:

  • Plumbing problems, which are the #1 cause of home floods

  • Snow melt and runoff leading to flooded lower levels

  • Storm damage compromising roofs and flooding basements

  • Wildfires and smoke leading to sprinkler-induced water damage

  • Toilets and appliances overflowing

Whatever the reason for excess moisture in your home, American Water Damage is available to help. Whether you need assistance at 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., American Water Damage professionals will respond to your call in 8 minutes or less, guaranteed. They can give you a free estimate so the water damage restoration can begin immediately.

The sooner you start repairing the damage from a storm or flood and removing the moisture from your home, the better off you and your home can be. Acting fast is half the battle when it comes to home disasters!

Mold is a byproduct of water damage

One of the unseen dangers of water flooding into your home is the growth of mold in all organic surfaces. From wet carpet to soaked walls, every porous surface in your home is subject to moisture damage and usually a professional is needed to help draw out that moisture. American Water Damage has the latest equipment on the market to help you dry out your home quickly and efficiently.

Black mold can actually be toxic and cause your family to get sick. It’s possible you may not even notice mold growth in the aftermath of a flood if the mildew forms behind walls or within the wooden structure of your house. Call American Water Damage now to help alleviate the risk.

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What is the water damage cleanup process?

The water damage restoration specialists at American Water Damage use a proven process to help ensure your home is moisture-free by the end of the treatment. The process includes:

  • Immediate water pump out and removal

  • Decontamination and dehumidification

  • Secondary monitoring of humidity levels in the home

  • Daily rechecks of humidity levels until home is completely dry

  • Final cleaning, repair and replacement services

Cleaning up in the wake of a flood isn’t a simple process, but American Water Damage makes it easier. The courteous, compassionate professionals know that any home damage is an emotionally traumatic time which is why they not only work fast to get you back to normal, they guarantee their work for a full year.

And when cleanup is over, American Water Damage will work directly with your insurance company to get your claim filled out correctly. Your insurance doesn’t cover flood damage? American Water Damage offers financing for even the worst water damage restoration needs.

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