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Your neighbors at AquaDry Midwest have a goal: to make sure your flooded house is dried efficiently, quickly and for an affordable price. Offering 24-hour service all around your area, AquaDry Midwest specializes in a service called in-place drying that requires up to 60% less drying time. If you need emergency water damage restoration services and want to work with courteous, certified professionals, call AquaDry immediately to get started.

What is structural drying?

AquaDry Midwest is a structural drying firm, specializing in complete dehumidification and heat drying of both residential and business structures.


Why is structural drying better?

AquaDry Midwest knows you only get one chance to remove water quickly, and the faster your home is dehumidified, the fewer problems you’ll likely face. Its technicians work with state-of-the-art structural drying equipment, which causes less physical disruption to your home than traditional water extraction methods.

In addition, in-place drying and heat chamber based drying help clear out water faster. The AquaDry Midwest method works up to 60% faster than other water removal techniques, and the team has the residual monitoring equipment on hand to ensure water stays gone for good.

Whether you’re in need of biocide chemicals to clean up after a sewage leak or you just need a portable water extractor to help clear out a basement flood, you can find a solution when you call AquaDry Midwest right away.

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Cleaning services

Home flooding and water damage doesn’t always require a full-on water pump-out. Even if you’ve experienced only moderate water issues, you often need professionals to remove all traces of moisture from the organic surfaces in your home. Walls, carpets and furniture are all capable of soaking up water in seconds, but AquaDry Midwest can help rid these of all moisture.

So, what can happen to your home or business if left unprotected from the aftermath of excess water?

  • Smelly mildew can set in and be difficult to remove

  • Black and even toxic mold spores may begin to grow

  • The structural integrity of your home may be compromised

  • Electrical systems can be disrupted

AquaDry Midwest uses hydronic systems

Hydronic water removal systems work fast by circulating warm air throughout the home. This method can remove all moisture in as little as two days, far faster than some other methods of water damage control.

  • Hydronic systems are eco-friendly

  • The method is minimally intrusive to your home

  • Portable water removal trucks make cleanup easy

  • The method can even dry frozen structures with no heat or electricity

Whether your home has experienced water damage as a result of snow melt, frozen and burst pipes, or an improperly installed appliance, you need help fast. Call AquaDry Midwest immediately to get started with a free estimate on a comprehensive dry out plan and start getting back to normal.

AquaDry has years of experience handling all levels of flooding. Specialists are standing by to dispatch a certified technician within an hour of your call and even help you fill out all your insurance paperwork correctly so you won’t have to worry about reimbursement. It guarantees its work for a year, as well.

The sooner you call AquaDry Midwest, the faster you may be back in your home. Don’t let water damage stop you in your tracks – take care of water issues immediately and efficiently with the help of AquaDry Midwest.

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