Branch Services, Inc. is your reliable source for clean-up

Branch Services Inc. is based in Long Island but has a much larger service area. In fact, it was part of a cleanup and restoration team called in to handle the extensive repairs needed following the tragic events of September 11th. Handling both commercial and residential water damage and disaster repair needs, Branch Services Inc. is the first call to make when you need help. 24-hour emergency service is available near you when you face water devastation.

Flooding in your home or business?

When flooding happens, whether it’s in the middle of the workday or the middle of the night, you need help fast. Branch Services Inc. is your trusted provider of water damage restoration services and it can respond to your emergency call for help within 60 minutes.

There are numerous reasons home and business owners in New York say they experience flooding and/or water damage. Some are preventable, some are not, but all can be handled by Branch Services.


  • Plumbing problems lead to most water damage issues in the U.S.
  • New appliances installed incorrectly can cause immediate flooding
  • Inclement weather and snow melt can lead to floods
  • Overflowing bathtubs and sinks left running may cause water damage
  • Sewage problems and toilet overflows can spread toxic water throughout your home

Why call Branch Services for your water damage restoration?

The Branch Services Inc. team is courteous and compassionate, and its certified technicians don’t just perform water damage restoration. Branch Services offers a full line of disaster-relief options including mold remediation, hazardous waste removal, and fire and smoke damage cleanup. All its work is guaranteed for a year and it can file an insurance claim on your behalf with your insurance provider. Whatever you need help with when your home is affected, call Branch Services.

Most water damage issues don’t happen when it’s convenient, which is why Branch Services is available for 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year. Call anytime to talk to a specialist about your options, get a free estimate and get started right away with cleanup. The faster you act, the more successful your repairs can be!

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How is water damage treated?

What exactly is included in a water damage restoration regimen? Every case is different, of course, but Branch Services uses the latest technologies and industrial-strength equipment to ensure each home or office is completely dry and restored to its past state.

  • Dry-out begins when all standing water is mechanically extracted
  • Air scrubbers and dehumidifiers are employed to completely dry the area
  • Furniture and other items are moved to mitigate the risk of additional damage
  • Items that are unsalvageable will be bagged for further inspection
  • EPA-rated anti-microbial agents are applied to prevent future mold growth

Mold is the biggest concern when you’re dealing with extensive water. Aside from the immediate hazards to your belongings and your floors, water and moisture can make your home a haven to all kinds of mold, including strains that can be toxic. Don’t let your family potentially become sick from mold weeks or even months after a flood. Get started with cleanup right away.

Call Branch Services today to find out more about water damage restoration services. There’s never a good time to face a flood or water emergency, but Branch Services Inc. is there when you need help most.

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