Clean Your Carpets Water Restoration is Your Trusted Resource

For more than three decades, people have called in Clean Your Carpets Water Restoration to handle their worst home floods and repair issues. From mold to tile problems to Oriental rug cleaning, Clean Your Carpets offers a full line of water damage restoration services. It specializes in full-service water damage repair and water extraction and uses only the most up-to-date equipment available to ensure your job’s done right. Call the friendly professionals at Clean Your Carpets Water Restoration today for a free estimate and some helpful advice.

How to prepare for water damage restoration services

The second you call Clean Your Carpets Water Restoration, its certified technicians will start working on a plan for your home. In fact, someone can respond to you call within an hour. In the meantime, there are a few things you need to do to help the cleanup process work smoothly and efficiently.

  • Remove all breakables and small items from the cleaning area, especially if furniture will need to be moved
  • Know that at least one door will remain open in the cleaning area, so secure pets in a safe place
  • Leave space for the Clean Your Carpets vehicle to park as close to your home as possible so the equipment will reach with minimal disruption

Get Help in 60 Minutes or Less
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You’ll know you’re in good hands as soon as the Clean Your Carpets Water Restoration crew arrives. Did you know there are only a handful of IICRC Certified Master Cleaning Technicians for every million people in the country? Clean Your Carpets Water Restoration employs several so you’re never far from accessing some of the most highly trained minds in the business. The team will also help you with insurance paperwork and guarantees its work for a full year.

Don’t wait to call

The sooner you begin treating a water-damaged area, the fewer problems you’ll likely experience in the long run. From mold to warping, your home is vulnerable to all kinds of issues if exposed to moisture for too long. Clean Your Carpets Water Restoration can help.


Remember there are a few things NOT to do while you’re inspecting your home’s water problems to avoid causing further damage:

  • Do NOT turn on ceiling fixtures if you suspect water damage from above
  • Do NOT disturb visible mold in an area you didn’t know was damaged
  • Do NOT allow children or pets to enter a water-logged area
  • Do NOT store wet items inside plastic bags with no ventilation
  • Do NOT enter rooms where the ceiling or walls are sagging from water damage

Whether you own a home or business, Clean Your Carpets Water Restoration is available 24/7 for emergencies and knows just what to do in the event of severe water damage. Even if you’re experiencing a slow leak that you’ve just recently noticed, the Clean Your Carpets Water Restoration team will spring into action fast to mitigate any future risks.

If you have questions about insurance coverage, cleaning procedures or even whether existing water damage has any hope of being restored, call Clean Your Carpets today. There’s no better time than now to start cleaning up your water-damaged home.


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