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When disaster strikes in your home or office there’s only one call to make. Twenty-four hours a day, the team at Clean and Dry Emergency Services is ready to spring into action and take care of your worst flooding issues fast. The quicker you call the less damage your structure may suffer and the faster you can be back to normal. Don’t let flooding, water damage or sewage issues take over your life. Call Clean and Dry Emergency Services now to find out why experience matters.

What to do when you notice a water issue

If you are home when water starts seeping through a ceiling or filling up the basement, turn off the main water valve as quickly as possible to stop the flow. If you suspect the water may be contaminated (such as sewage), get out of the structure immediately and call in the professionals at Clean and Dry Emergency Services.

The Clean and Dry team can show up in less than an hour to start clearing out your standing water and restoring your home. Here’s how the process works:

  • Certified technicians will assess the damage and offer a free quote on a water extraction plan
  • State-of-the-art equipment will be used to remove excess water and pump out any hazardous liquid
  • Dehumidifiers and air blowers will thoroughly dry all the surfaces in your home
  • Your home will be monitored continually for signs of mold growth or toxic substances that may need further treatment

Clean and Dry Emergency Services provides expert help anytime you need it, day or night. No one generally sees a flood coming, but when you experience water in your home, it's often best to call in a water damage restoration company to handle it quickly and efficiently.

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Is water damage restoration expensive?

The cost of your water extraction and damage repairs will greatly depend on the nature of the flooding, the structure of your house and how quickly you called in help. Clean and Dry Emergency Services guarantees its work for a full year and has experience in handling tough insurance claims.

If you don’t have flood insurance you may want to consider purchasing it as an add-on to your homeowner’s policy, particularly if you live in a flood-prone area. Water damage is the No. 1 insurance-related issue that homeowners face in the U.S. so it’s smart to be prepared.

Homes and businesses experience water damage for many different reasons:

  • Snow melt and water runoff may flood low-lying areas
  • Sudden heavy rains and/or tornado conditions can lead to flooding
  • Pipes can burst within walls due to freezing or age
  • Plumbing fixtures or appliances may be installed improperly
  • Humans can accidentally leave the water on

Whether or not your home insurance policy will cover your water damage depends on how the flood was caused. Weather and acts of God generally aren’t covered under homeowner’s policies but faulty plumbing issues often are. Check with your insurance provider today to find out more about your plan and rest assured the team at Clean and Dry Emergency Services can help you through the difficult experience of home water damage restoration.


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With trucks and crew members at the ready, Clean and Dry Emergency Services is your choice for emergency water cleanup services. Call now to talk to an expert about your water damage problem and start the cleanup process as soon as possible.

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