Call DRC Cleaning and Restoration When Facing Disaster

The team at DRC Cleaning and Restoration knows how important water-related challenges are, and has the team and equipment necessary to clean up any size job. Whether you’ve got a basement flood, a broken pipe, or a storm-damaged roof, call DRC Cleaning and Restoration today to get started with cleanup. The faster you act, the better off your home can be!

Act fast to prevent water damage


When you’re face to face with a water-related issue inside your home, you may need expert guidance. While a home flood can be confusing and stressful, the team at DRC will answer all your questions quickly and provide courteous, professional service – guaranteed.

  • As soon as water strikes, turn off all water to the home
  • If the damage is due to structural failure, cover the holes as tightly as possible
  • Quickly move all furniture and belongings in the flooded area to a dry room
  • If the walls or ceilings are saturated, do NOT enter the room or turn on the ceiling fan
  • Call DRC right away so it can dispatch a water damage restoration team to your home within 60 minutes

Water damage happens, but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin your home. DRC Cleaning and Restoration is your choice for fast, reliable water damage cleanup for your most valuable investment.

What to expect during water damage restoration service

If you’ve never experienced an indoor flood before, you may not know what to expect when water enters your home. Every situation is different, but a few of the common procedures employed during water cleanup are as follows:

  • DRC specialists will extract excess water from your home and stop the inflow
  • Special dehumidifiers and drying fans will be used to thoroughly dry your home
  • Precautions will be taken to ensure mold and mildew aren’t able to grow
  • Follow-up moisture checks will confirm that your home is free of excess moisture

When you call the DRC Cleaning and Restoration office, you can also expect timely service in less than one hour. Its team of licensed, highly trained professionals will provide a free quote and follow industry guidelines and procedures when dealing with your water issue. In addition, all work will be guaranteed for one year.

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Emergency water damage restoration services

Wherever you live in America, you are under threat of water damamge, from heavy rains, melting snow, or any other number of factors. No matter the cause of your water damage, DRC Cleaning and Restoration is there when you need it. You can’t always plan for a water-related issue, but when you experience one, you have a team of experts at the ready day or night.

In addition to weather, plumbing problems are a major source of water damage. It’s a good idea to examine your pipes regularly and also have a moisture reading done inside your home if you suspect you may have a hidden leak.

When service is complete, count on DRC Cleaning and Restoration to work with your insurance company to ensure you get reimbursed as quickly as possible. Money should be the last thing on your mind when you’re dealing with a home flood!

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