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For more than 25 years the professionals at Day and Night 24 Hr Emergency Service have been providing residents with fast, affordable water damage restoration. It’s never too soon to bring in a professional when you face the devastation of flooding, sewage leaks or water damage. Using only the most up-to-date equipment available, the team at Day and Night 24 Hr Emergency Service ensures your home or business gets back to normal fast. Call now for a free estimate!

Emergency water damage restoration

The sooner you call for help when you experience a home flood, the better your home and family may end up. Day and Night 24 Hr Emergency Service is ready to take your call whenever you need help. And with a large service area, you’re never far from quality water damage restoration services.

Moisture can do serious damage to your home’s structure in as little as 24 hours, and some cases of water or sewage damage can actually contaminate your home with bacteria and other toxic substances. Calling Day and Night 24 Hr Emergency Service as soon as possible may save you headaches and expense in the long run.

Home floods can happen anytime


No one expects a home flood and one tends to happen when it’s least convenient. Whether you’re in the middle of a party or hosting a bevy of out-of-town guests, flooding in your home needs to be handled fast. That’s why Day and Night 24 Hr Emergency Service is always open in Arizona.

  • Water damage can cause ceilings and walls to become structurally unsound
  • Electrical systems can be damaged or destroyed by minimal moisture
  • Floors and carpets can warp in as little as a few hours when soaked with water
  • Mold spores begin to develop on wet surfaces in as little as one day

Day and Night 24 Hr Emergency Service jumps into action quickly when you call for a free estimate. Within just a few hours a team can be at your home, with pump-out equipment and dehumidifiers to get your home back to normal in just a few days.

What causes floods?

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of flooding is weather, and to be sure, rain can cause damaging floods. Flash floods in particular are so dangerous because they're unpredictable. However, there are plenty of other reasons for flooding! Here are a few of the leading causes of water damage:

  • Plumbing problems and leaking pipes
  • Broken appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines
  • Human carelessness, such as leaving faucets on in sinks and tubs

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Whatever the cause of your flooding, Day and Night 24 Hr Emergency Service can help. Call its courteous, professional staff anytime to schedule an appointment or dispatch a team of on-call, certified technicians to your home right away. All work performed by its technicians is guaranteed for 12 months and the staff can help you file a claim with your insurance company.

Commercial, industrial, and residential properties can suffer mold buildup, structural issues and even bio-hazardous conditions in the wake of flooding or a sewage overflow. Don’t let your home or office become a victim of water damage by waiting too long to take action.

Contact your water repair specialists at Day and Night 24 Hr Emergency Service right away to begin water damage restoration.


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