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If you’ve experienced the devastation of a home or business flood, you know how important it is to get professional help fast. The team at Decon Experts is available 24/7 to handle even your toughest water emergency! It has experience in all kinds of water damage restoration projects, and with an office nearby, a certified technician is never far from your home. In fact, Decon Experts guarantees service in one hour or less because it knows it’s crucial to get started with cleanup right away.

Don’t let water sit too long

When you’ve got excess water in your home or business it’s important to call water damage restoration professionals such as Decon Experts right away. The longer water and moisture are allowed to saturate your home’s porous surfaces the tougher it can be to extract – and moisture often leads to mold.

Mold and mildew aren't just unsightly, they can actually make your family sick. Black mold, in particular, is especially dangerous for your respiratory system, but it can usually be avoided when water damage is taken care of quickly. In as little as 24 hours, mold spores can begin to take root in your home, so calling water damage restoration experts immediately can mitigate your risk of contamination.

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Flooding and sewage cause lots of problems

Water damage is tough enough, but if you’ve got a sewage problem you need professional help. The decontamination specialists at Decon Expert have the right equipment and training to ensure all hazardous bacteria and waste is properly removed from your home.


  • Water damage is categorized by its likelihood to spread disease
  • Toilet overflows with no visible sewage can still spread harmful bacteria
  • Floods may contain contaminated water and carry it into your home

Standing water and sewage can both cause irreparable damage to your home if not dealt with swiftly. Decon Experts is ready to take your call and start cleaning up the mess in less than an hour! Of course, a team will give you a free estimate of the services needed before work begins.

Why do floods happen?

There are dozens of factors that can lead to severe water damage in your home. Water damage is the No. 1 claim seen by home insurance providers in the U.S., and homes in flood-prone areas have around a 25% chance of flooding at least once every 30 years.

Weather is, of course, a huge factor in many of the water damage calls received by Decon Experts. Snow melt, sudden downpours, and even freeze-busted pipes all can lead to moisture within a home. The sooner you act to stop a small problem, the better off you'll be in preventing a big problem.

Plumbing causes the most water damage nationwide

While weather is the most dramatic reason for flooding, plumbing issues are actually the No. 1 cause of water issues in the United States. Improperly installed pipes, faulty appliances, and degraded building materials all put your home at risk of a sudden, unexpected flood. Decon Experts can help you sort out the damage and clean up the mess.

Once your home or business has been returned to its original state, the Decon Experts team will actually help you file all the necessary insurance paperwork. It has lots of experience handling every type of claim and will work with you all the way through the process to ensure it runs smoothly and fairly. After all, it stands behind its work with a one-year guarantee.


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