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Homeowners can often get overwhelmed when dealing with water damage restoration. Demand Remodeling and Restoration not only helps you remove excess water and dry out your home, its experts work with you on a remodeling plan if necessary to get you back to normal! There’s nothing Demand Remodeling and Restoration can’t do to help you recover from a devastating water or fire damage situation. It's available 24/7 and even offers financing options for customers not covered by insurance.

Get quality water damage restoration services in Illinois

There’s a difference between quality, professional service and someone who simply runs heavy machinery. The certified technicians at Demand Remodeling and Restoration have been serving its customers for years and they provide service of the highest-quality for your home repairs.

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Not only does Demand Remodeling and Restoration take care of your immediate water damage restoration, it will work with you after the emergency to help recover your:

  • Siding and exterior fixtures damaged by water
  • Walls and drywall soaked through by flood
  • Roof damage that led to the initial water influx
  • Flooring problems cause by excess moisture

Call Demand Remodeling and Restoration today for a free estimate and full explanation of services offered in your neighborhood. Locally owned and operated, Demand Remodeling and Restoration is available for fast, friendly service in your area.

Don’t let water damage take a toll on your home


The longer you ignore water damage, the worse it can affect your home. Not only are you in danger of hazardous mold forming within your walls and flooring, excess moisture can do serious damage to the structural integrity of your home.

The pros at Demand Remodeling and Restoration insist you never enter a room where water damage may have compromised the floor or ceiling. These situations can be dangerous and should always be handled by a professional contractor such as those on the team with Demand Remodeling and Restoration.

Call immediately if you suspect hidden water damage in your home! The sooner you detect a leak or busted pipe, the easier the problem may be to fix and the less cleanup you’ll likely have to endure.

Flooding is more common than you think!

You might think the unpredictable, sometimes volatile weather in this part of the country is responsible for most home flooding. While weather can be a factor in home floods, particularly in basement flooding, plumbing problems are to blame for a vast majority of water damage insurance claims.

Pipes that are broken or leaking often lead to slow, hard-to-detect leaks within walls or ceilings, and the deep winter freezes contribute to many pipe breaks each year. In addition, improperly installed plumbing fixtures, pipes, and appliances can lead to a sudden influx of water in your home. Demand Remodeling and Restoration can help.

Call Demand Remodeling for 24/7 service

No matter when you discover water damage – from midnight to mid-day – Demand Remodeling and Restoration is on call. With teams all over your area waiting to jump into action, you can rest assured you can have someone at your door in less than an hour to get started on a free estimate.

The specialists at Demand Remodeling and Restoration will work with you to come up with a cleanup plan and even help you directly with all your insurance questions. All its work is guaranteed for a year. Demand Remodeling and Restoration understands that facing water or fire damage is always challenging and is it ready and willing to help.

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