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If you’re experiencing the unfortunate circumstances of water or fire damage in your home, call Done Right Carpet and Restoration right away. Its team of experts has been serving homes and businesses from its office for years, and is available to take your call 24/7. There’s no time to waste when you’ve got extensive water damage in your home, and Done Right Carpet and Restoration is your water damage restoration expert.

Water damage often requires professional cleanup

Excessive water inside your home or office is nothing to take lightly. Not only can too much moisture in your structure lead to hazardous, toxic mold, it can even make your building structurally unsound to inhabit. The sooner you call the team at Done Right Carpet and Restoration, the faster you can be back to normal. Its team of certified technicians uses a variety of tools to handle the situation:

  • Moisture readings detect sources of water damage within your walls and floors
  • Water extraction removes all standing water from your structure
  • Contents management ensures your furniture, documents and other goods stay dry
  • Large fans and dehumidifiers remove all traces of moisture from your house


When your home or commercial business has been hit by water, sometimes only professional equipment will do the job right. Done Right Carpet and Restoration has the experience and training you need to repair your home and restore the property to its previous state.

What leads to flooding?

Water damage is often inevitable. The unpredictable weather patterns and historical buildings only add to the likelihood of flooding. Here are a few of the most common reasons homeowners call in Done Right Carpet and Restoration to handle water-related issues:

  • Broken pipes due to rust, age or freeze may leak or flood your home
  • Overflowing rivers and streams lead to basement and crawlspace flooding
  • Extensive snow melt can overwhelm gutter and drainage systems
  • Bad plumbing installations are a leading cause of water leaks and flooding
  • Storms can damage homes and roofs and let in water

No matter what’s at the root of your water problem, you can count on the professionals at Done Right Carpet and Restoration to handle it quickly and courteously. Experiencing a home flood is one of the most challenging things a homeowner can go through, and the Done Right team can help.

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Don’t wait to handle your water repairs

The longer you sit on water damage, the worse it may get. Extended exposure to moisture and high humidity can warp your walls, buckle your floors and lead to mold and mildew that may be very difficult to remove. In fact, it only takes about 24 hours for countless mold spores to take root on your home’s porous surfaces.

Done Right Carpet and Restoration will dispatch a cleaning team to your home within an hour and provide a free, on-site estimate, working with you on a plan you’re comfortable with. When restoration is complete it will also work directly with your insurance company to make sure everything’s filed properly! All work is also guaranteed for one year.

Call any time, day or night, to get started with a fire or water damage restoration. Don’t let a small home issue become a big one by waiting too long to take action.

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