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When you encounter a water damage problem or need mold remediation fast, Dririte is your choice for emergency home repair. Offering water extraction, pump-outs, and structural drying services, your Dririte team of professionals can work with your insurance company to ensure there is minimal cost to you. As an insurance-approved provider, Dririte can help you get back to normal without breaking the bank. Who doesn’t need someone to trust when faced with a home disaster?

Dririte isn’t just a name, it’s a guarantee

There’s nothing Dririte wants more than to get you back to your everyday life quickly. When your home or office faces moisture issues, however, they have to be contained properly or you could risk long-term damage to the structure, such as:

  • Unsightly water staining
  • Moldy furniture and walls
  • Rust and rot of internal supports
  • Electrical system damage

The faster you get in touch with a water damage restoration company, the faster you can be back to work or back to living in your home. Safety is the No. 1 priority of your Dririte specialists and they’ll make sure your home or office is returned to its previous condition before you go back in.


Home and business owners need repairs they can trust

Whether you live near the water or not, your home is at risk of water damage. Storms, drainage problems and especially plumbing issues can all lead to water damage when you least expect it. Dririte in your neighborhood is there any time, day or night, and can be at your home in less than an hour to respond to your emergency and provide a free quote.

The biggest risks from a home flood actually come after the water is gone. Mold and mildew can set in after just a few hours and they can potentially be hazardous to your health. That’s why Dririte’s team of certified technicians is trained in mold remediation and microbial contamination to help ensure you don’t have mold problems later on.

Water detection by Dririte

Water is often hard to detect, particularly when it comes from a slow leak. Dririte utilizes an array of state-of-the-art equipment to check your home for unexpected moisture and apply drying services where needed to ensure not a single drop of moisture lingers after your cleanup process is complete.

Read about the process of water detection:

  • Using the ThermalScan IRC-2000, Dririte checks ALL your home’s surfaces for moisture
  • The enclosed desiccant dehumidification trailer ensures your home gets dry quickly
  • Monitoring software checks the effectiveness of the cleanup equipment throughout the process
  • If water is found, antimicrobial agents are applied to prevent future mold growth

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It’s impossible to know when water damage might strike your home, but Dririte is there to help. Call as soon as you suspect you may have a water issue and let a qualified professional use industrial equipment to give your home or office a thorough evaluation.

When cleanup is over, Dririte will guarantee its work for a year and work directly with your insurance company so you won’t have to deal with paperwork hassles. It's been doing remediation for more than 20 years and is familiar with the risks and lingo of structural water damage restoration.

Contact Dririte today to find out more about what your home or office needs to get back in tip-top shape. You may be surprised how simple and quick the drying process really is when you work with a team of experienced professionals like the ones at your local Dririte office.

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