When Your Home Floods, Call Dry Building Restoration

No one ever sees water damage coming, but the team at Dry Building Restoration has been working with homeowners for years to mitigate the issues that result from devastating home flooding. There’s never a convenient time to experience a water issue but Dry Building Restoration will be at your side usually in less than an hour, ready to dry, dehumidify and decontaminate your home.

Don’t wait too long to bring in professionals

When you wake up or come home to standing water in your house, the first thing to do is get in touch with Dry Building Restoration. Your structure is vulnerable to mold and mildew damage in as little as 24 hours, and other elements such as your electrical and structural supports are at risk when wet.

Dry Building Restoration places an emphasis on continuing education for all its technicians, who are also fully licensed and certified. Typically, in less than an hour a Dry Building Restoration expert will meet you at your home to give you a full estimate, a timeline and talk to you about your options. A team can start water damage restoration right away.

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How does Dry Building Restoration remove the excess water from your home or office?

  • State-of-the-art extraction equipment pulls out all excess water
  • Large dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and all surfaces
  • Mold blockers are applied to prevent toxic mold from taking root
  • Your carpets are cleaned and any other repairs are made to return your home to normal

Call Dry Building Restoration right now if you’re experiencing water damage to get information on your risks and your best course of action. It’s never too early to begin the cleanup process!

Commercial businesses need flood professionals

If your business has flooded, you need to act fast. The rules and regulations regarding commercial water cleanup are different from those in homes, but Dry Building Restoration knows the ropes. Its team of experts will work with you on OSHA regulations and industrial standards to ensure your water damage restoration job is done right. You shouldn’t have to endure a lot of downtime because of a flood in your business, and Dry Building Restoration is there to help minimize the disruption.

Sewer leakage is more hazardous than water


Flooding can be traumatizing, but if you’ve experienced a sewage backup or leak you’re actually in more danger than if your home took on excess water. Sewage can be toxic and contain bacteria that could make your family sick. Dry Building Restoration has the training and tools to ensure your sewage problem is cleaned up right.

So, why does sewage damage homes in this area? There are many factors that can lead to a sewer issue, but these are a few of the most common:

  • Toilets clogged by paper, toys and waste
  • Septic tanks overflowing into the home or crawlspace
  • City sewer systems becoming overloaded and failing
  • Storms damaging sewage pipes that lead directly into the home

Whatever your water damage issue entails, Dry Building Restoration is on the other line. Its work is guaranteed for a full year and it can file a claim with your insurance company to quickly resolve a claim. It also has representatives available 24/7 to take your call – don’t wait another minute to take control of your home’s water problems!

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