Dry Right Is the Water Damage Expert

No one wants to experience the hassle and headache of a flooded home. Whether it’s your basement, living room, attic or showroom, water standing inside your home or office needs to be handled quickly and professionally. Dry Right is your experienced choice in water damage restoration, and is available 24/7. With more than 20 years of experience and a whole crew of licensed, highly trained water professionals, you’re in good hands when you call Dry Right.

What gets dried after water rushes in?

Dry Right specializes in carpet and floor drying, although it also handles all elements of a home or business flooding situation. Moving quickly is key when it comes to floors and carpets, but Dry Right has the tools necessary to also completely dry your walls and cabinetry, too.

Here are a few of the steps that may be included in your professional carpet drying routine from Dry Right:

  • Moisture detectors accurately locate the wet areas
  • Water is extracted from the carpet and padding
  • Disinfectant is applied to prevent mold growth and decontaminate
  • Carpet is re-stretched if necessary
  • The entire carpet is cleaned to bring it back to life

Carpet, in particular, is vulnerable to the after effects of water damage because it makes a perfect environment for toxic mold growth. In as little as 24 hours, you could experience mold spores in the billions if a professional water damage restoration team such as Dry Right isn’t brought in to mitigate the risk.

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Other areas of your home are vulnerable too

Your carpet and flooring are particularly at risk when water hits, but walls, upholstery, furniture and cabinetry are all in danger as well. Dry Right has the mobile drying equipment needed to seek out moisture and remove it thoroughly so you can return your belongings and your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

It’s important to use safety precautions when dealing with water damage inside your home. Never enter a room that has standing water in order to prevent electrocution and avoid using ceiling fans in rooms with obvious ceiling damage. Remember to keep children and pets from entering a room that has standing water.

Flooding doesn't happen on your schedule

Home flooding occurs all too often when it’s least convenient – in the middle of the night, when you have guests, or when it's freezing cold. Dry Right sees hundreds of basement, business and living-area floods each year, but every flood is different and caused by a variety of risk factors.


So, what are the most common causes of flood in this part of the country?

  • Excess rain that causes streams and rivers to overflow their banks
  • Heavy snow melt or pipes that burst from excess cold
  • Plumbing issues and/or incorrectly installed pipes and appliances
  • Sewage overflows that spread nasty water into homes and offices

Sewage leaks, in particular, require a specially trained, knowledgeable hand. Dry Right has the sterilization equipment required to properly clean a sewage problem, as these kinds of issues aren’t something you want to deal with on your own.

Get on the phone with your local Dry Right office in Dayton right away at the first sign of water damage. Its experts can be there within an hour and provide a free estimate. All their work is guaranteed for a year and when they're done, they'll work with your insurance company to file the proper paperwork for your claim.

The faster you act to clean up the mess, the better results you’ll have when the water damage restoration process is complete.

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