Dry Wizard Inc. Is Your Water Repair Expert!

Using state-of-the-art equipment and extensive knowledge of the best water removal techniques in the business, Dry Wizard Inc. is your choice for water damage repair. Whether you’ve experienced a whole-home flood, a broken pipe or an overflowing toilet, Dry Wizard Inc. will be there in less than an hour to start working on your home. Serving residential and commercial properties throughout your area is what Dry Wizard Inc. does best!

What causes water damage problems?

There are dozens of reasons you could come face to face with a home flood when you least expect it. Whether it’s a faulty plumbing problem, human error caused by leaving a faucet running or even a storm flood in your basement, Dry Wizard Inc. can help. Residents all over this part of the country have been turning to Dry Wizard Inc. for tough water damage issues for years.

Dry Wizard Inc. offers a free estimate on its wide variety of water damage restoration solutions, including mold and mildew mitigation. Whether you need carpet pad drying, structural drying or just water extraction from a crawlspace, Dry Wizard Inc. can help.


Call anytime, day or night, to speak to a Dry Wizard Inc. operator in your area. You can’t always predict when flooding will happen, but you can be prepared with on-call professionals in the area when it does.

The after-effects of too much water

It may seem as simple as removing the standing water and bringing back the furniture, but there’s a lot more to proper water damage restoration. That’s why you need the guidance of professionals, such as those at Dry Wizard Inc., to help ensure you come out of a water damage issue safely and good-as-new.

After water is extracted, there are still many risks to your home. Not only are your floors at risk of warping and becoming squeaky, your walls and ceilings may be unsound after a particularly devastating flood. Dry Wizard Inc. has certified technicians with the right tools to detect remaining moisture and ensure your property is safe for habitation.

Mold is the secret villain of water damage

Water damage is dramatic, but once the water’s gone you still have to worry about one of the quietest risks of all. Mold isn’t just unsanitary, it can be unhealthy, so hiring a mold mitigation company such as Dry Wizard is a good idea after a flood.

  • More than one billion mold spores can form in 24-48 hours
  • Certain mold strains are toxic and can make you sick or lead to breathing problems
  • Mold can slowly eat away the structural soundness of your walls and floors
  • The presence of mold can dramatically reduce the resale value of your home
  • Mold is unsightly and usually leads to a musty, mildew smell throughout the home

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The experts at Dry Wizard Inc. are waiting to hear from you 24 hours a day. There’s no good time to experience a flood, but knowing you’ve got knowledgeable, courteous professionals on-call makes the whole process a little less daunting. And when repairs are finished, Dry Wizard will guarantee its work for a year and even work directly with your insurance company at no out-of-pocket cost to you when possible!

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