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Whether your home, office, or commercial building is facing the devastation of water damage, DynaClean Professional Services can help. With more than 25 years' experience handling carpet cleaning and water damage restoration, DynaClean Professional Services is your choice for fast, reputable repairs. From trauma cleanup to upholstery cleaning, there’s no aspect of the water damage restoration process DynaClean Professional Services can’t handle. With live operators standing by 24/7, you’re never far from technicians you can trust!

Get on the phone as soon as you see water

It’s important to call DynaClean Professional Services the minute you suspect a water issue inside your home or business. From the sounds of leakage to obvious moisture in your walls and drywall, even the most minor water damage can require extensive renovations later on if not handled immediately.

DynaClean Professional Services offers a 12-step cleaning process to ensure your flooring and carpets return to their previous state when the water has been removed. The goal is to leave you feeling like you never had a flood at all! The best water damage restoration process leaves your home better than it was before the flood.

The moisture devices used by DynaClean Professional Services are some of the most state-of-the-art available, designed to detect even the slightest excess moisture.

  • Thermal imaging cameras glow red when moisture is present
  • Penetrating probes are inserted into porous materials to detect water
  • Non-penetrating probes are less invasive and detect humidity


Let DynaClean help you decontaminate

If you’ve experienced an unfortunate event that’s left your property unfit for habitation, call in DynaClean Professional Services right away. Whether you’re managing a sewage overflow, a trauma scene, or a biohazard cleanup it has the necessary tools to sterilize your home so you can move back in.

Never attempt to handle hazardous waste cleanup on your own – you need specialized machinery and antibacterial agents to ensure your property is safe to inhabit. In any water damage or sewage overflow situation, always keep kids and pets far away from the damage to avoid potential illness.

Save your carpets and hardwood

Floors are often the first thing to go in a water damage emergency. The high humidity makes it difficult to properly dry flooring and subflooring without professional equipment, but DynaClean can help.

Whether you’ve got hardwoods or wall-to-wall carpet, DynaClean Professional Services' certified technicians know how to extract moisture and save your flooring. The longer water sits on carpets and hardwood flooring the greater your risk of mold and warping, so call ASAP when flooding strikes.

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DynaClean Professional Services is a full-service provider

Once your home or office is returned to normal, DynaClean Professional Services will work with you to ensure your insurance company gets all the information it needs to process your claim. DynaClean Professional Services is one of the most-referred companies for water damage in this area by both insurance providers and property owners alike. All its work is guaranteed for a year.

Call now to speak to a licensed professional about your options for water damage restoration. You'll get a free estimate and someone at your door in less than an hour. Wet upholstery, carpet, and drywall need to be dealt with swiftly and professionally to have the best chance of being salvaged; that’s why DynaClean Professional is open 24/7!

Emergency water damage rarely happens when it’s convenient. Call DynaClean Professional Services right away to dispatch a team of experts directly to your home!

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