No One Knows Water Damage Like First Call Restoration.

With a team of highly trained professionals and some of the most advanced equipment in the business, no company is better-equipped to handle your home disaster than First Call Restoration. In an hour or less, a trained technician can be at your door and ready to provide a detailed estimate for service so you can get the mess cleaned up. Water damage, fire damage and even mold are no match for the experts at First Call Restoration.

Water damage in yuor home

First Call has seen thousands of homes damaged by water, many of which were damaged further by waiting too long to bring in professionals. It’s crucial to contact First Call Restoration as soon as you notice a water issue. A First Call trained technician can be at your house within 60 minutes to assess the problem.

Why is it so important to act quickly? Drying out your home’s porous surfaces isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Mold and leftover bacteria from a water damage issue can actually make your family sick.

Despite precautions that you might take, many types of water damage treated by First Call Restoration simply aren’t preventable. The unfortunate truth about water damage is that it rarely happens when it’s convenient. Here are a few of the most common reasons customers call in First Call for a water-related problem:

  • Broken water pipes
  • Tub or sink overflows
  • Leaking appliances
  • Falling rainwater
  • Broken toilet tanks
  • Toilet overflows

In some cases such as in toilet overflows, special steps must be taken to ensure the home is clear of harmful bacteria. First Call Restoration has the equipment needed to dehumidify and sanitize your home so you can rest assured your family and pets are safe. All work is guaranteed for one year.

What to do if you experience a flood

Whether caused by rain, broken pipes or improperly installed appliances, a home flood can be devastating. It’s important to keep calm and take the necessary steps to mitigate the damage in your home.


As soon as you notice water where it shouldn't be, call First Call Restoration. Dispatchers will send a team immediately to start working on your water issues so you’ll have reliable, knowledgeable technicians to trust throughout the process.

Once help is on the way, take a few minutes to perform a checklist of steps that may save your home from further damage:

  • Turn off water source if possible.
  • Pin up draperies and remove any upholstered materials from the flood zone.
  • Move art, paperwork and photos to a safe area.
  • Place wax paper or aluminum foil under furniture that you are unable to move.

Trust in First Call Restoration

It’s important to take action as soon as possible when you’re facing a water damage issue. In many cases, water damage is accompanied by other problems such as residual smoke damage in the wake of a fire or even biohazard waste from a sewer overflow. First Call Restoration can help.

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Humid weather makes it incredibly difficult to properly dry a structure without the use of special equipment. First Call regularly invests in state-of-the-art technology designed to properly draw out all remaining moisture from your home. The company also supports continued education for all technicians. That's why many testimonials refer to the company's professionalism in taking on water and other damage.

To prevent mold and property damage from ruining your year, contact First Call at the first signs of water damage. The company can even work directly with your insurance company so you can focus on cleaning up your home and getting back to life!

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