Florida Flood Pros has Your Back When Disaster Strikes

No one’s ever ready for water damage. Flooding typically happens when it’s least convenient, which is why Florida Flood Pros is available 24-hours a day to help. It’s never too soon to begin cleanup when your home or office is deluged with water. The faster you act, the better your final results can be! For years, Florida Flood Pros LLC has been providing your area with reliable, affordable flood repair. Call right now to get started with a free onsite estimate.

When water damage hits, speed is key

The faster you get to water damage, the better the end result of your cleanup process will be. Florida Flood Pros technicians have the training and the equipment you need to start extraction and drying right away, and they’re available any time, day or night, to evaluate your home for services including the following:

  • Water extraction, using high-tech industrial equipment, removes standing water.
  • Dehumidification equipment pulls moisture from walls, floors, and sheetrock.
  • Decontamination services are available if the flood water was contaminated.
  • Mold and mildew prevention plans are enacted to keep spores from multiplying.

Florida Flood Pros has been in business for years, and the company knows exactly what you need in to bring your home back to life. The area’s humidity requires a professional touch when dealing with water damage, so call today to get started.


Don’t let a sewage issue make you sick

Few things are more devastating than a home flood, with the exception of a sewage leak. If you’ve been victim to an overflowing toilet, backed up septic tank, or broken sewage pipe you know that foul smells and unpleasant moisture is only the tip of the iceberg. Sewage contamination can lead to conditions that actually make your family sick.

The team at Florida Flood Pros knows exactly how to handle your severe sewage problem to decontaminate and sanitize your home. Elderly people and children are particularly at risk after a sewage flood, as are those with respiratory diseases. Don’t let illnesses such as hepatitis A and tetanus take root in your home following an unexpected sewage problem. Thankfully, Florida Flood Pros, LLC has been trusted by customers for years for their worst sewage situations and water damage services.

Whenever flooding occurs, you need help

No one plans on experiencing a basement flood or a burst pipe - especially at 3 in the morning! Florida Flood Pros are available to provide emergency service 24 hours a day, so you never have to wonder about your next step when disaster strikes.

If you experience a home flood, make sure to do the following:

  • Pick up the phone and call Florida Flood Pros immediately.
  • Turn off the water source if possible, as well as any risky electrical power.
  • Remove vulnerable items such as paper and light furniture from the flood zone.
  • Keep kids and pets from entering the flooded area to avoid contamination.

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Once Florida Flood Pros gets to work on your home, you’ll know you’re in good hands. The company's courteous team can even work directly with your insurance provider when all is said and done to get your paperwork filed quickly. In addition, all work is guaranteed for a year.

Floridians know there’s only one number to call when facing a devastating home flood, sewage leak or even after-fire water damage. Call Florida Flood Pros today to find out more about water damage restoration.

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