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With a wide range of water damage restoration services available, the team at Hubble Construction and Restoration is prepared to handle any home disaster imaginable. The faster you call after noticing water damage, the better your results can be. Many of the worst after-effects of water damage can be prevented with quick, professional assistance, and Hubble Construction and Restoration is available 24/7! When you call Hubble, you’ll speak to a knowledgeable representative who will dispatch a team to your home right away. Why wait another minute?

Water damage is always serious

Too many homeowners make the mistake of assuming water damage is minor when serious, costly issues are lurking just out of sight. Hubble Construction has the experience and the equipment you need to ensure that moisture is efficiently pulled from your home so you won’t face bigger issues down the road.

The sooner you call professional water damage companies, the better your end-results can be. Not only will Hubble Construction and Restoration help bring your home back to life, they can work directly with your insurance provider.

Flooding can cause contamination

Home floods are devastating regardless of the source of the water. If you’ve experienced flooding conditions in your home, you may not only have to worry about water damage but filthy contamination as well.


Water damage is classified into three categories based on the source of the water. While occasionally damage is caused by a harmless source such as an overflowing sink, raw sewage leaks can be far more dangerous.

Hubble Construction and Restoration is capable of handling your worst raw sewage problems, helping your home get sanitized and your family safe.

  • Bacteria and blood-borne pathogens in sewage can make your family sick.
  • Air movement is key in a dry-out, but it must be handled specially when sewage is involved.
  • Sewage can leave terrible odors in your home for weeks or even months.
  • Tiny microbes left behind after a sewage flood can cause issues for years to come.

If your toilet overflows, your septic tank breaks, or even if your washing machine malfunctions, you may be in need of specialized sewage cleaning treatments. Call Hubble Construction today to find out more about your options in the wake of a sewage problem. You can expect a free onsite estimate, and all work is guaranteed for a year.

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Storm damage can often lead to water damage

Homeowners are no strangers to unexpected disasters. From heavy storms to faulty plumbing, your home is vulnerable to a host of water damage issues. Hubble Construction can work with you right away to help repair the damage and protect your home from further loss.

Most water damage that results from storms happens because of cracks or holes in the roof. Hubble Construction will snap into action, repairing your roof leaks, removing tree debris and generally protecting your home from devastating water damage. It’s never too early to begin cleaning up after a storm, and Hubble is always available.

If you’ve experienced water damage, call Hubble Construction and Restoration right away. It offers a variety of home services, including fire damage repair, structural drying and general remodeling, and its trained technicians can answer any disaster questions you may have.

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