Since the 1980s, Lamunyon Cleaning and Restoration Has Been Drying Out Damage.

It’s time to let Lamunyon Cleaning and Restoration be the “calm after the storm.” If you’re experiencing a difficult water damage restoration situation in your home or office, the team at Lamunyon can help. Call right now to get a full inspection of your property, and find out more about the options you have. Advances in technology have made it more likely than ever that you can salvage many of your belongings – as long as you act fast! When water, fire, or sewage strike, pick up the phone and call Lamunyon Cleaning and Restoration immediately.

What to do when water damage strikes

It’s crucial to act fast when in the midst of a water damage restoration issue. The sooner you can locate the source of the water and stop it from flowing, the better off your structure will be. Call Lamunyon Cleaning and Restoration right away to dispatch a team to your property as soon as possible, usually in a matter of a few short hours.


What should you do when facing a severe water situation? Whether it’s a soaking leak or a full-on flood, here are a few tips from your friends at Lamunyon Cleaning.

  • If possible, locate the source of the water and turn it off
  • Move valuables and upholstered items to a safe area
  • Block furniture legs with wood blocks or aluminum foil, if possible
  • Check with your insurance provider immediately about your coverage
  • Make safety a priority and always avoid risk of shock or contamination

Don’t let a sewer leak sneak up on you

Unfortunately, some well-meaning homeowners take it upon themselves to try and handle a watery mess. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, many sources of water are actually contaminated and can make your family sick.

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If you have any doubts about whether or not your water damage was caused by sewage overflow or contaminated water, call Lamunyon Cleaning right away. The company has the equipment necessary to test for particularly dangerous bacteria and clean up even the dirtiest messes the right way.

Your floors can be saved!

In some cases, it’s possible to salvage and restore affected floors in your home after a flood or small leak. Sewage leaks generally mean the flooring may have to be replaced, but Lamunyon Cleaning and Restoration’s experts can talk to you about your options. You'll get a free onsite estimate of the water damage services you'll need.

Lamunyon offers hardwood floor drying, carpet cleaning and tile restoration in the aftermath of a flood. The faster you get to the floors after water sets in, the better your chances of saving them. That's why Lamunyon’s team is available 24/7.

Don’t let water damage ruin your day, your week or your year! It’s possible to recover quickly and get back to life fast when you’ve got professionals water damage companies such as Lamunyon Cleaning on your side. Call immediately to speak with a qualified team member who can walk you through the water damage restoration process and address insurance questions you have. Once the work is done, it's guaranteed for a year.

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