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No one knows water damage restoration like Marathon Commercial. Whether it’s mold, persistent water leaks or even a biohazard situation you’re dealing with, Marathon’s team of highly trained professionals will help you get back to normal fast. There’s no time to waste when water invades your home, and the faster you act, the more likely you are to save most of your belongings. Call Marathon Commercial Services for your residential or business flood 24 hours a day. Trained responders are waiting to hear from you and spring into action!

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The first thing you need when facing a water-related issue is professional advice. Marathon Commercial Services has been helping homeowners and business owners in Wisconsin for years with water damage restoration, and it has the know-how to give you the answers you need.

Start with an estimate from Marathon on the cost and timeframe of your water damage services. The company's team of insurance experts can work with your insurance provider to help with your claim.

When you experience a flood, you need help fast. That’s why the courteous, knowledgeable associates at Marathon Commercial Services are available around the clock!

Flooding can cause a lot of damage


You may be surprised just how quickly a home flood can ruin your belongings and cost you thousands of dollars. Getting to floodwater fast is crucial, not only to prevent it from seeping into porous surfaces but also to avoid bacterial contamination throughout your home.

  • Floors can buckle and warp so severely that they need to be replaced.
  • Billions of mold spores can begin to grow within 48 hours.
  • Carpet that’s soaked through may need to be replaced if contaminated.
  • Harmful bacteria that can make your family sick can be spread throughout the home.

Particularly if you’re not sure about the source of your flood, you need a professional team from water damage companies such as Marathon Commercial Services. The Marathon team can help you come up with a plan quickly that can keep your family healthy and your home in tip-top shape.

Water restoration services from Marathon Commercial

Marathon Commercial Services offers a wide array of water damage restoration and extraction services designed to handle any size water issue. Whether you’ve experienced an overflowing bathtub or a three-foot high basement flood, Marathon Commercial’s team of experts can help.

Water extraction is usually the first step when it comes to water damage services – residual water must be removed before drying can begin. After Marathon Commercial extracts the standing water, it will implement dehumidification techniques that are minimally invasive and designed to rid your home of moisture.

You might be surprised by just how far water can travel in a matter of hours and by the surfaces that it’s able to permeate. Marathon Commercial Services has an array of high-tech products that allow them to find hidden moisture to thoroughly clean your home.

Moisture leads to mold as well as a host of structural and aesthetic issues that can be avoidable. Call Marathon Commercial Services right away to get to work repairing your home or office. Work is guaranteed for a year. You deserve the best when it comes to water services!

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