Martz Inc. Offers Complete Water Damage Restoration

When your home is damaged by storms, hail, or human error, you need help fast. Martz Inc. knows that the faster you start with water damage restoration, the better off your results can be. That is why their friendly associates are available around the clock to assist you. In a matter of hours, not days, you can have a qualified Martz associate at your door ready to begin your water damage services and get your home back to normal. Don’t let water damage ruin your year! Call Martz Inc. the second you need help.

Storm damage can wreak havoc on your home

Your home is vulnerable to many types of storm damage. Hail, high winds, or excessive rain water can all cause major issues for your home or business, but with Martz by your side, you can rest assured that help is never far away.

Storm damage comes in many forms. Leaking roofs, wind damage, and debris from trees and falling objects can cause damage that requires specialists from water damage companies to repair professionally. It’s impossible to know when your home’s going to be severely affected by a storm damage situation. Martz Inc. is your trusted source for comprehensive water damage restoration.


As soon as the storm passes, it’s time to bring in Martz. Call any time day or night to get a qualified professional team on the case right away. You’ll receive a full inspection, a free onsite estimate and the peace of mind that your home can be back to new in no time.

Martz Inc. knows mold damage

One of the worst results of an unwanted water damage restoration situation is mold. Certain strains of mold can be toxic and actually make your family sick, but with fast attention, it’s possible to clean up after water damage while removing all strains of mildew, too.

Here are a few of the situations in which Martz Inc. sees mold problems the most often:

  • Basement floods that go unchecked can lead to long-standing moisture.
  • Leaky pipes within the walls that allow moisture to permeate for weeks.
  • Furniture or flooring that is not properly dried after water damage.
  • Residual moisture from heavy rain in concrete or structural elements of the home.

You may be surprised how many surfaces make a hospitable environment for mold! Martz Inc. is your mold remediation specialist, and it has the tools and the know-how you can count on to rid your home of any residual mold spores. Call now!

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Flooding and water damage rarely happens when it’s convenient, which is why Martz’s associates are available 365 days a year. Whether it’s a basement flood on Christmas morning or a persistent leak at 3 a.m., Martz is at the ready to take care of the issue so you can get back to normal.

When all is said and done, Martz can work with your insurance provider to ensure your claim is handled quickly and efficiently. It uses industry-approved techniques that follow almost all insurance company guidelines, and it can answer any question you have along the way. All work is guaranteed for a year, and superior customer service is just part of the bargain when you call Martz Inc.

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