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No one gets to work quicker than the team of professionals at Midwest Construction and Restoration. Water damage services, fire repairs, and biohazard cleanups can be daunting, but with the experience and equipment of Midwest Construction, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Offering commercial and residential water damage restoration, Midwest Construction and Restoration is your choice for fast, reliable disaster services. Call now to speak to an operator!

Since 1987, Midwest Construction has handled water damage services

For decades, Midwest Construction and Restoration has been handling your worst home disaster issues. From storm damage to flooding from leaky pipes, there’s little Midwest Construction can’t do. Water damage is a serious and dangerous common home disaster in the U.S. and can cause costly issues in a matter of hours.

  • Within 2 hours, water will begin to seep into all nearby porous surfaces.
  • Within 24 hours, moisture can begin to affect electrical and structural systems.
  • Within 36 hours, concrete and sheetrock may be irreparably damaged.
  • Within 48 hours, toxic mold spores due to moisture can number in the billions.

The longer you wait to draw excess moisture out of your home, the more damage you risk. Midwest Construction is available 24 hours a day with water damage services, so you don’t have to worry about being left high and dry when you need help.

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Sewer backups carry bacteria

Sewage overflow is a biohazard that should be dealt with professionally. Midwest Construction has years of experience handling everything from minor toilet overflows to full-scale septic tank failures.

Within minutes, contaminated water can carry dangerous microbes throughout your house that have the ability to make your family sick. From hepatitis to a variety of bacterial infections, raw sewage is nothing to take lightly. Call Midwest Constriction immediately to discuss your pressing sewer problem. A representative can be at your home in an hour or less to begin preparing an onsite estimate.

Don’t let flooding take you by surprise

Floods are dramatic and overwhelming, no matter the size. If you’re experiencing a home flood or a business flood, give Midwest Construction a call as soon as possible.


There are dozens of things that can lead to a flood inside your home:

  • Storm damage can cause your roof to fail and leak.
  • Overflowing rivers or streams can flood your basement.
  • Human error or improperly installed plumbing can cause flood.
  • Malfunctioning appliances can overflow and leak.
  • Pipes that freeze may burst and allow water inside your home.

Whatever the cause of your flood, Midwest Construction and Restoration Inc. is waiting to help come up with a solution. Remember, all work is guaranteed for a year. It’s never too soon to begin a water damage restoration process when it comes to saving your belongings and rescuing your home!

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