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When you need help fast, call Nexters Restoration Services. There’s no one that offers more reliable, professional cleaning services for water damage and mold remediation, and the team at Nexters is available to handle even your most inconvenient water emergency! Water extraction should begin as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage to your structure. Mold and bacterial issues happen within just a few hours, but Nexters has the equipment and know-how to get the mess cleaned up fast. Call right now to find out why homeowners have counted on Nexters for over a decade for water damage restoration!

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What category is your water damage?

Water damage is categorized into three types, and they get more serious as they go. Nexters Restoration Services is one of the rare water damage companies that can handle all three categories, but it’s crucial you call as soon possible to get started with the cleanup process.

Here’s an overview of the three types of water damage:

  • Clean Water – Category 1 is the least serious and doesn’t pose a threat to health. An example of category 1 water damage is a broken water line.
  • Grey Water – Category 2 is more serious and can make you sick in some situations. An example would be a malfunctioning sump pump in the basement.
  • Black Water – Category 3 water damage is extremely dangerous and can even cause death. Raw sewage is an example of Category 3 damage.

No matter how serious your water damage restoration project, you need help quickly. The longer any type of moisture sits on your floors, within your walls and in the air, the more likely you are to have long-term issues. Call Nexters Restoration right now!

Nexters can handle your home flood faster


Speed is key when it comes to a successful water damage restoration. The biggest problem homeowners and business owners face after experiencing a devastating a home flood is the threat of mold. Some strains of mold are extremely toxic to humans and pets and can lead to serious respiratory problems.

Nexters Restoration specializes in mold remediation. If you’ve already got a mold problem, you shouldn’t attempt to take care of it on your own. Professional testing and monitoring equipment is the only way to ensure your mold problem is under control and won’t pop back up when you least expect it.

Emergency service in your area

Water damage rarely happens when it’s convenient, which is why Nexters Restoration Services is available 24 hours a day to respond to your call. Whether you own a residence, a commercial building or an industrial facility, Nexters can help when there's a water damage restoration problem. Call now to find out more about your options, and learn the details behind a successful water cleanup plan! Remember, you can get a free onsite estimate before any work begins. Once the work is done, it's guaranteed for a year.

Don’t let water damage ruin your day, your week or your year. Untreated water issues can cost you tens of thousands of dollars down the road, most of which  can be avoidable with fast, professional attention! Nexters Restoration has been providing your neighbors with quality cleaning services for more than a decade and has the most courteous, responsive staff in the business.

Speak with a Nexters representative right now to find out how to get started and hear more about the total satisfaction guarantee. Your home deserves the best!

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