When You’ve Got Water Damage…

Home and business owners have trusted North Idaho Flood and Fire LLC with their water damage restoration needs for years. From fire damage cleaning to sewage pump overflows, North Idaho Flood and Fire is your choice for fast, quality repair of any home disaster. Don’t wait another minute to identify your options when it comes to home repair and get in touch with a North Idaho Flood technician near you!

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How to prevent a home flood

Sometimes floods simply can’t be prevented, but North Idaho Flood and Fire knows there are a few things you can do as a home or business owner to mitigate your risk. If you’re worried about preventable flood damage costing you time and money, call North Idaho F&F today to talk about what you can do to protect your property.  Among the suggestions:

  • Always keep your roof in good repair, and patch any leaks immediately.
  • If you suspect a pipe leak, call in a leak detection service ASAP.
  • If your home is more than 30 years old, your plumbing may be due for an update.
  • Always ensure new appliances are installed properly before leaving unattended.
  • Have your sewer lines and septic system inspected annually.
  • Keep a storm plan in place in the event of flash flooding in the area.

It’s always smart to be prepared in your area for Idaho’s unpredictable weather patterns. If you do happen to need water damage services, call North Idaho Flood and Fire immediately for help.

Why you need professional water damage service

Water damage inside your home or business should not be taken lightly.


Structural integrity can be threatened by prolonged water damage

It’s crucial to bring in professional water damage companies such as North Idaho Flood and Fire to properly remove all moisture from your home after water seeps in. Your floors, walls and foundation could be compromised by prolonged contact with moisture, so it’s best to work fast.

Just as critical is the dehumidification process that removes mold spores from all the surfaces of your home. Even minor water damage can create a hospitable environment for mold, which if unchecked can make your family sick. Even harmless mildew can be unsightly and create a terrible smell, so North Idaho Flood and Fire offers a full array of mold detection and removal as part of its water damage services.

Call now to find out more about the ways in which your home can be compromised by water damage. The longer you wait to properly take care of a water issue, the more likely you could face lasting and expensive repairs in the future.

Call North Idaho Flood and Fire, LLC. 24/7

Their technicians know water damage doesn’t always happen during normal business hours. If you experience a flood or water issue in the middle of the night, your local North Idaho professionals to address the problem.

Call immediately if you experience any of the following in your home or office:

  • Overflowing toilet or tub.
  • Washer or dishwasher leaks.
  • Flooded basement or crawlspace.
  • Leaks within the walls or ceilings.

The sooner you start the cleanup process the faster you can file an insurance claim and get back to normal life. North Idaho Flood and Fire will start by giving you a free onsite estimate before beginning any work. Once the water damage restoration project is complete, the work is guaranteed for a year. North Idaho Flood and Fire knows the way around even the toughest water repair issues in your home or business, so call now to get started.

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