Olneya Restoration Group is Your Choice for Water Damage Restoration

Home and business owners alike have been trusting in Olneya Restoration Group for years to clean up after disaster strikes. In as little as 72 hours, water damage can affect your home irreparably, but with an on-call team of experts at your Olneya Restoration office you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Regardless of whether water damage services are needed for a residential project or for large industrial and commercial properties, trust the experts at Olneya to handle your case quickly and effectively. There’s no better solution around!

You need the knowledge of Olneya Restoration Group’s water damage restoration experts


When you’re face-to-face with an extensive home flood or commercial property water damage, you need someone you can count on. Business owners have been leaning on Olneya for years for fire damage, roof restoration, and water damage services. The company is an area leader in water issues!

As soon as you call, an Olneya Restoration associate will spring into action to ensure the right people and equipment are dispatched to your home or business immediately. You'll get an onsite estimate of what needs to be done. Quick action can save your structure from extensive renovations and hazardous mold; otherwise, problems can begin to settle in after just a few hours.

What do area residents know about water damage?

All too much, unfortunately. There are dozens of factors that can lead to a home flood or water damage restoration issue, many of which simply aren’t preventable. Olneya Restoration Group has seen it all, but the following reasons are some of the more common they’re called in for water repair:

  • Storms and heavy rain can overwhelm creeks and riverbeds leading to flood.
  • Ice and quick-freezes may burst pipes or damage your roof, leading to leaks.
  • Ageing homes often contain outdated plumbing fixtures that eventually break down.
  • Storm damage can render roofs unsound and allow water in the home.
  • Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines that are improperly installed can leak and flood.

No matter what the root of your water damage is, you need it fixed fast. Olneya Restoration is your choice when it comes to emergency water damage restoration, and the company is ready when you call.

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Your Property and Insurance Provider

If you have flood insurance, you could be covered in the event of water damage, but Olneya Restoration Group encourages you to contact your insurance provider about your risks and coverage before flooding happens.

You may be surprised how much assistance your Olneya Restoration Group expert can provide when it comes to insurance documentation. The company can work directly with your insurance provider to make sure your claim is handled accurately from the get-go.

Not only that, but Olneya Restoration Group offers some of the area's best rates for water damage restoration! You shouldn’t have to worry about cost when you’re facing one of the biggest challenges of owning a home or business, and the courteous, professional Olneya Restoration team in your area can help. In addition, all repairs are guaranteed for a year.

Olneya Restoration Group representatives are available every hour of the day, because you never know when serious water damage is going to strike. When you need storm damage services, including flood and fire restoration, you need the experience of Olneya Restoration Group in Missouri.

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