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When you need help fast with water damage restoration in your home or office, you owe your local Paul Davis Emergency Services team a call. How does it stand out among water damage companies? Paul Davis has the equipment you need to handle your moisture problems quickly and get your life back to normal sooner than you ever thought possible. To avoid problems with mold, mildew and structural damage, call Paul Davis Emergency Services near you as soon as disaster strikes. You’ll be glad you did.

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No matter the season, home floods can be devastating

Regardless of the cause of your home flood, you probably weren’t expecting to come home or wake up to a room full of water. Whether you’ve got a plumbing problem, storm damage or an overflowing toilet, Paul Davis Emergency Services is at your service when and where you need them.

So, what are a few of the most common reasons for home and commercial floods in the US?

  • Tornado and wind damage ripping holes in siding and roofs.
  • Excess rain causing creeks and riverbeds to overflow.
  • Improperly connected plumbing and appliances.
  • Broken pipes due to aging, freezing or neglect.
  • Sewage problems such as a toilet backup.

It’s always best to call in a professional such as the team at Paul Davis as soon as possible when you need water damage services. Not only can water damage be a hassle, it can actually be dangerous to your health!

The real risks of water damage

The problem with moisture is that it doesn’t go away easily. Paul Davis knows that water always heads to the path of least resistance, meaning your floors, baseboards, drywall and carpeting soak up more than you think. To remove the moisture from your home in the wake of a flood, you need professional equipment.

If left untreated, mold and mildew can begin to grow in moist conditions in less than 48 hours. The longer water sits in your property, the more long term damage you could face when it comes to furnishings, electrical systems and, most importantly, the structural foundation of your home.

Paul Davis Emergency Service is the expert when it comes to swiftly, professionally clearing your home of water damage risks no matter when you call. Remember, all work is guaranteed for a year.

You need help fast

There are Paul Davis Emergency representatives waiting to take your call 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.


The faster you spring into action when your home faces water damage, the better off you’ll be. Paul Davis has the modern technology needed to detect moisture and remove it quickly, all while reassuring you about the process and answering insurance-related questions you may have.

Again, acting fast is crucial for water damage restoration. When you notice a problem with water inside your Lexington home or business, do the following immediately:

  • Shut off all water sources to the structure as quickly as possible.
  • If there is standing water, do NOT enter the room to avoid possible electrocution.
  • Remove all small items and furniture from the water damaged area to a dry place.
  • Keep kids and pets out of the affected area as it may be contaminated.
  • Call Paul Davis Emergency Services right away to dispatch a team to your home.

Don’t waste another minute. If you’ve got water damage inside your home, acting now can save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches in the long run. Paul Davis is waiting for your call!

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