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Whether your water damage is contained to a single room or spans an entire building, Perez Reconstruction can help. Using state-of-the-art technology and employing only the most courteous, highly trained staff, Perez Reconstruction is the smart choice for water damage restoration where you live. It’s never too soon to begin the complicated cleanup process that results from water damage, particularly if your flood was caused by sewage or other contaminated water. Call Perez Reconstruction today to get started with a free onsite estimate.

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There are many reasons water damage happens

It’s impossible to predict many of the causes of water damage, and unfortunately, flooding usually takes place at times that aren't convenient. Homeowners on vacation or hosting a house full of family members have more than once found a basement full of water or a bathroom with an overflowing toilet. That’s where Perez Reconstruction Contractors come in.

Here are a few of the most common reasons for water damage that can be dealt with swiftly and professional by Perez Reconstruction:

  • Storm damage and wind issues.
  • Improperly installed plumbing fixtures and appliances like dishwashers.
  • Rivers and streams that swell due to rainwater.
  • Sewage leaks due to pipe breaks or septic tank issues.

No matter what caused you to need water damage services, let Perez Reconstruction in on the job. The company can dispatch a team of professionals right away to get to work cleaning up the mess, big or small.

What’s so important about fast action after a flood?

The sooner you bring in professionals on your home or office water damage restoration issue, the better your final results are likely to be. It’s never too early to begin cleaning up after significant moisture issues.


Perez Reconstruction Contractors Inc., like other water damage companies, has seen far too many long-term issues resulting from inaction in the event of water damage. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to experience one of the following:

  • Mold and mildew that multiply and cause respiratory issues.
  • Floors warping and cracking after prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • Sheetrock becoming discolored or flaking apart.
  • Structural instability due to foundations and framing exposed to moisture.

Perez Reconstruction Contractors have the tools for the job

No one has more modern and industrial-rated equipment in your area than Perez Reconstruction Contractors. From large-scale dehumidifiers to structural drying equipment, Perez knows you need the right tools to get the cleanup done right.

If you’ve experienced sewer water damage, you need fast attention to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading throughout your home. Contaminated water from toilets or sewage pipes can carry everything from Hepatitis to bacterial diseases that can make your family and your pets sick. If you suspect a contaminated water leak, do not attempt to clean up the mess without professional help.

Perez Reconstruction Contractors Inc. can handle sewage cleanups, basement floods and other water damage services. No one will work harder to ensure your home or office returns to its previous state faster. The company guarantees its work for a year, and it will even work with your insurance provider directly on your claim. It’s never too soon to call in the experts at Perez Reconstruction!

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