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Whether it’s water damage restoration, fire and smoke disaster repairs  or mold remediation, you need professional assistance from the team at Physical Home Damage Service. Call whenever you need help, and the company can dispatch a team to your home, mobilizing exactly the resources and the highly-trained professionals you need most to ensure the job’s done right. Quick response is half the battle when you’re dealing with moisture and water damage, and PHD Service is always available. For emergency service you can count on, call Physical Home Damage in your neighborhood.

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Mold is the enemy after the water is gone

Most people don’t realize the devastating effects toxic mold can have on a home. In fact, the biggest expense of water damage is often the resulting mold remediation necessary to clean up the mess after moisture has been allowed to sit for too long. Let PHD Service in your neck of the woods handle your water damage right away so mold will be out of the question. You can get a free onsite estimate right away.

If you do believe you may be suffering from a mold issue in your home, call Physical Home Damage Service to have the property inspected. Billions of mold spores can take root in your walls, your floors and your ceilings in a matter of hours after water damage, and they’re hard to remove once they begin to multiply.

The signs of mold damage usually include a musty, unpleasant odor and visible spotting of the walls or ceilings. Additionally, if you notice respiratory issues or residual moisture, be sure to call PHD right away.

Flooding is never convenient


Unfortunately, flooding usually doesn’t occur when it’s a good time for you or your family, because there's never a 'good' time for a flood. Physical Home Damage Service has seen flooding on holidays, over vacations and often in the middle of the night, but it's always there when you need water damage services. It’s never a bad time to bring in the professionals.

PHD is your structural drying expert

Structural drying is a complicated process and can take several days to get right. That’s why it’s crucial to bring in the trusted name in home damage repair: Physical Home Damage Service. The company knows the right way to rid your home of moisture and leave the structure better than it found it.

Structural drying, when done right, usually includes the following:

  • Tarping to prevent excess moisture from seeping in.
  • Water extraction to remove moisture from surfaces.
  • Moisture mapping to determine hidden moisture pockets.
  • Containment of contaminated or tainted water.
  • Dehumidification and evaporation enhancement.
  • Temperature control to equalize the environment.
  • Post-drying cleaning and repainting, where necessary.

If you have questions about the cleanup process after fire, storms or water ravages your home, call Physical Home Damage Service – one of the top water damage companies around. A licensed representative will be happy to talk to you about your options and even give you advice on filing your insurance claim.

Whether it’s mold, moisture, sewage or fire, PHD can help you clean up the mess and get back to normal life. Moving fast is key when it comes to home disasters that involve moisture, but PHD has the answer to get the job done right. Plus, repairs are guaranteed for a year. There’s no better time than now to get started with a comprehensive cleanup plan in your home or office!

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