Water Damage Repair Starts with Precision Restoration Solutions

The first step in a water damage restoration plan is getting in touch with Precision Restoration Solutions. It’s never too early to start cleaning up your home after flooding or leaks strike, and the sooner you let Precision get to work, the better your end results can be. From mold remediation to sewage removal, no water disaster is too big for its team of professionals to handle. With some of the most powerful truck-mounted equipment of any local water damage companies, no one is capable of performing water damage services better than Precision Restoration Solutions!

Instant water removal with Precision

The sooner you’re able to get the standing water out of your home in the aftermath of a flood, the better. Precision Restoration Solutions specializes in extracting water fast to remove the biggest risks to your home as quickly as possible. Just a few hours underwater can render your carpet, your drywall and your tiling useless.

When you need help fast, call Precision Restoration. You'll get a free onsite estimate. The company's highly trained technicians will use the latest structural drying equipment and moisture monitoring tools to detect hidden water so you can remove it from your home. The only truly safe house is a dry one!


Floods can be devastating, and they often come with little or no warning. In fact, water damage is a leading cause of property insurance claims in the U.S., from California to the East Coast. Here are a few of the most common reasons Precision Restoration Solutions is called in for water damage restoration:

  • Heavy rains or inclement weather that leads to overflowing streams and rivers.
  • Roof damage due to wind or debris that allows water into the home.
  • Broken sump pumps in the basement that cause flooding.
  • Backed up sewage lines and toilets that flood the house.

Don’t let sewage stop you in your tracks

Sewage leaks are one of the most dangerous types of water damage around. Not only can contaminated water carry disease-ridden bacteria throughout your home, it can also promote mold growth. It’s crucial to bring in the pros with Precision to deal with sewage issues, even if you’re not sure how serious the problem is.

Water damage is categorized into three separate types. Sewage is classified as “black” water, the most harmful type, and must be handled by a professional in order to be fully eradicated from the premises. Call Precision Restoration Solutions right now to find out more about your risks when encountering a sewer-related problem.

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Long-term damage can be preventable

Water damage in your home or office doesn’t have to haunt you for months or years. With professional assistance from Precision Restoration Solutions, you can be sure your home is clean and mold-free for years to come after water damage restoration. Precision even offers an unparalleled 10-year guarantee!

If you need help dealing with your insurance provider after a flood, Precision can help with that too. Its insurance specialists can actually bill your insurance provider directly.

Any time of the day or night, speak with a Precision Restoration Solutions pro near you. When you need expert advice for the guaranteed lowest price for a water damage restoration project, Precision is the right call to make!

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