Whenever Disaster Strikes, Call Rapid Dry Right Away

There’s never a good time to require water damage services inside your home or business, but Rapid Dry is here to help. The company has been managing home floods and other damage disasters for years and with the best rates in the region you’ll never have to worry about out of pocket costs. The second you see damage in your home from water, sewage or fire, call Rapid Dry to dispatch a team of experts to your property immediately. They snap into action fast because Rapid Dry knows that quick work is the key to successful water damage restoration.

Standing water and your business

Commercial floods can be devastating for many different reasons. Not only do you have to worry about salvaging valuable equipment, every day you’re dealing with water damage is a day you’re not in business! Rapid Dry knows the ins and outs of commercial water cleanup after a flood or slow water damage issue.


There are dozens of reasons your business may need water damage services. Maybe a nearby stream overflowed after a heavy rain or perhaps your business’ plumbing gave out after years of neglect. Whatever the cause, Rapid Dry will handle any size business water damagerestoration issue with professionalism and efficiency so you can get back to work faster.

Here are a few of the commercial water damage issues commonly treated by Rapid Dry:

  • Flooded offices and workspaces.
  • Property management companies needing water removal.
  • Commercial facility and basement flooding.
  • Hospital and school flooding.
  • Corporate garage water removal.

If you think your issue is too large to handle on your own, don't just pick a name from a list of water damage companies, call Rapid Dry! Don’t let business grind to a halt while you desperately try to save your structure and your equipment. Rapid Dry will work directly with your insurance provider, too, and all work is guaranteed for a year.

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Residential disaster cleanup from Rapid Dry

There are few things more overwhelming than a disaster in your home. From a flooded basement to a burned-out kitchen, home disasters don’t usually happen when it’s convenient, and they can lead to recurring issues if not dealt with properly.

Rapid Dry is your local expert when it comes to home water damage restoration and structural drying. Technicians can get to work immediately extracting standing water and expertly dehumidifying your home so your family can return to a clean, safe environment. Not only that, but Rapid Dry puts special emphasis on ensuring mold growth won’t take place after all the water is gone. All work is guaranteed for a year.

Mold can make your family sick

Unfortunately, one of the biggest risks of residential water damage is the threat of mold. Toxic mold spores can reach the billions within days after damage, but Rapid Dry can help. The company is specially licensed to handle mold remediation issues in your home so you can rest assured you’re breathing safely in your home.

Any time of the day or night, call Rapid Dry to get started with a water damage restoration plan. Disasters are hard to plan for, but when you’ve got a professional team such as Rapid Dry by your side, you never have to worry about being caught off guard!


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