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From sewage problems to mold contamination and removal, the effects of water damage can be expensive and long-lasting. Recoveron Inc. is a full service provider of all the treatments and services you may need to move forward, including demolition and restoration! Call the team at Recoveron anytime to put together your own comprehensive water damage restoration plan. It’s never too soon or too late at night to snap into action – water damage restoration won’t wait! Recoveron Inc. is available 24-hours a day so you can stop worrying about which of the available water damage companies to call and start the cleanup process.

Water damage deserves fast attention

Recoveron Inc. promises to provide quick water damage services and quality results, no matter how severe your problem. Whether you’ve been inundated by rainwater or you’ve had a simple toilet leak, you never know exactly how deep the problem goes until a professional comes in to evaluate. You'll get a free onsite estimate.


The longer you wait after water strikes, the more likely you are to have to deal with devastating issues such as mold, structural damage and electrical problems. There’s a reason the team at Recoveron Inc. is available 24 hours a day!

What’s involved during a water damage restoration?

Of course, every situation is different and your water damage restoration program will be customized to fit your home’s needs. Recoveron maintains a wide array of cleanup equipment to handle any size flood or leak.

Here are a few of the things you may expect during your Recoveron water damage restoration:

  • Your premises will be secured and boarded up if necessary.
  • There will be a full assessment of threats to your health and the health of the public.
  • Water damage remediation, including extraction and dehumidifying.
  • Removal of sewage-contaminated flooring or sheetrock.
  • Regular humidity testing of walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Full documentation of water levels and humidity levels throughout the structure.
  • The company can work directly with your insurance provider on claims.

When you see water, you need Recoveron. It’s never too early to start thinking about the future of your home and the ways you can save your family time and money! Acting quickly is the only way to minimize the risks and expenses of water damage, and Recoveron Inc. is here to help.

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Drying systems from Recoveron

Recoveron uses some of the latest technology on the market as well as a variety of state-of-the-art techniques to ensure your home gets clean. While some water damage companies may use invasive sensors, loud fans or electricity to remove excess moisture from your home, Recoveron believes it has a better way.

The Vortex Drying System is a patented solution to any size water damage restoration project. Guaranteed to dry out your home in less time than traditional methods, Vortex essentially creates tornado-like wind tunnels inside your home to pull water from all surfaces. Most homes are dry within three days when treated by the Vortex Drying System.

Recoveron Inc. also employs the dry ice blasting method in some suitable cases. Dry ice can remove moisture that’s hard to detect, and this technique is being heralded by home and business owners across the country as the new wave in restoration. All work is guaranteed for a year.

No matter what caused your water damage, Recoveron can help. Get in touch with a local Recoveron Inc. agent today to start working on your very own cleanup plan!

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