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For years, people have been turning to Remtech for their water damage services. From radon to water damage, no home emergency should wait, and the faster you let Remtech Environmental get to work, the more likely you are to avoid long-term issues. The company has experience in commercial, residential and even governmental property of all sizes. Don’t wait another minute to call! Remtech Environmental’s trained associates are on call 24/7 so you never have to worry about being out of touch when you need help on a water damage restoration project.

Don’t let water damage get you down


Flooding is never a welcome sight, and unfortunately, most of the water damage issues seen by Remtech professionals could have been avoided with faster action from the get-go. The second you experience an unwanted flood, leak or plumbing problem, get in touch with Remtech Environmental in your area. You’ll save yourself time and money in the long run!

What should you do if you’re in the middle of a water crisis? Here are a few suggestions from Remtech’s highly-trained technicians:

  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the area (if the weather permits).
  • Turn off the water source as well as the electricity and gas.
  • Remove any and all items that may be vulnerable like upholstery and paperwork.
  • Call Remtech Environmental right away so technicians can get to work!

Damage in your home is always serious

Don’t cause further damage or long-term issues by trying to perform water damage services on your own. Whether you have mold, broken pipes or saturated carpeting, it’s never worth the risk to incur costly and time-consuming problems later on.

Remtech Environmental is on call to handle everything from radon detection to mold remediation. When you need professional help to take care of a pressing home issue, call Remtech right away! It has the equipment you need to get things done.

Emergencies require emergency service!

Remtech Environmental LLC understands that home disasters don’t usually happen during regular business hours. From the middle of the night to holiday weekends, your local Remtech professionals are at the ready to spring into action when you need assistance. Everything begins with a free onsite estimate of the water damage services you need. All work is guaranteed for a year.

Problems such as water damage and plumbing issues usually happen when homes are overloaded with guests. Bathtub overflows, septic system backups and frozen pipes are no match for the Remtech team, although water damage can become serious quickly if not addressed.

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Mold is one of the worst results of water damage and can actually cause adverse problems with your health. Respiratory and even viral complications may occur in people exposed to mold for long periods of time. Black mold is particularly toxic and presents in long, dark swaths along walls and ceilings. Mold can actually be hard to find, however, particularly if hidden within walls. It is usually detected when a strong mildew odor is present.

Call Remtech Environmental right away to get started on your customized water damage restoration or other project. Whether you’re worried about radon, need asbestos attention for a remodel or are in the midst of a devastating basement flood, Remtech can help! All over North Carolina and the greater Southeast, homeowners have been turning to Remtech Environmental when they need help the most for years. Call now!

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