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With experience you can count on and all the certifications your insurance provider requires, Rescue Squad Restoration is the smart call to make when choosing among water damage companies. Whether it’s sewage or sink water, you can depend on Rescue Squad to snap into action the moment you call. Basement flooded in the middle of the night? Roof damaged due to strong winds from a storm? Pick up the phone and get in touch with Rescue Squad to get to work now. The longer you wait to take care of damage in your home, the more issues you’re likely to experience down the road. Give Rescue Squad Restoration a chance to make things right!

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Wind and water damage go hand-in-hand

Unfortunately, many home disasters happen in tandem with other damage issues. For example, Rescue Squad Restoration sees plenty of ceiling leaks that happen because storm damage has ripped a hole right into a home’s roof! Wind damage and water damage are often one in the same.

What kind of services does Rescue Squad Restoration provide to homeowners and business owners who are dealing with storm damage? For starters, it offers:

  • Tarping and board-up service for broken windows and doors.
  • Contents pack-out to remove valuables.
  • Temporary power and generators if necessary.
  • Thermal imaging for damage assessment.

It’s often hard to tell exactly how severe a storm is going to be until it’s too late. Even if you’re standing in a damaged home just minutes after a storm passes through, call Rescue Squad Restoration right away to get the help you need quickly. Technicians are always ready for your call, and they'll begin the process with a free onsite estimate!

Water damage isn’t just for homeowners

Unfortunately, all kinds of structures are subject to the devastation that can be caused by a sudden influx of water. Rescue Squad Restoration has handled thousands of water-related issues in properties not limited to single family homes.

Churches, offices, hospitals and government buildings have trusted Rescue Squad with their most pressing water damage restoration projects. Property owners regularly bring in the company's technicians to handle mold and other moisture-caused situations, too. Whether you own a restaurant, are a landlord or need help dealing with a flood in your industrial beling, Rescue Squad Restoration can assist if you call right now.


Safety first when water strikes

It’s crucial that you, your family, and/or your employees stay safe in the wake of a water damage issue. Rescue Squad Restoration reminds you that there are several categories of water damage, some more dangerous than others.

For example, sewage water is considered the most dangerous of all moisture problems, spreading disease and bacteria throughout the affected area. Never assume that the damage you’re experiencing isn’t a safety hazard, and always treat moisture with care. No matter what caused the water damage, be sure your children and pets stay clear of the area.

If you’ve got a flood that resulted in standing water, evacuate the home immediately. Structural issues and the risk of electrocution are serious concerns in floodwater, and only a professional service like Rescue Squad Restoration should treat the problem. Rescue Squad Restoration guarantees all it's work for a year.

Whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the Fourth of July, Rescue Squad Restoration never closes! Call right away to dispatch a team of highly trained professionals to your home to begin a customized cleanup regimen.

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