Restoration X Can Help Restore Your Home

The team at Restoration X cares about getting your home back to normal quickly after a disastrous event. The faster that water, fire, or storm damage is restored the better chance you have of avoiding long-term issues and costs. Emergencies don’t usually happen at convenient times and they’re not usually a simple fix, which is why Restoration X is always on call. Find out why your neighbors have turned to Restoration X for more than a quarter century with their water damage restoration needs.

Why choose Restoration X for your water damage restoration?

The solutions provided by Restoration X are all about speed because working fast can save you money. The quicker certified technicians are able to get to water before it's absorbed into your home’s porous surfaces, the less renovation your structure will likely need.


From leaks to full-scale basement floods, no water damage issue is minor when it happens inside your home. Mold, structural problems and electrical system damage are all risks when you wait too long to deal with water, but Restoration X is available when you need it. Within an hour of your emergency call, someone can be at your door to help. Restoration X will provide a free on-site estimate before starting work.

Afterward, the team will work directly with your insurance company to get your claim taken care of efficiently. In addition, all its work is guaranteed for a year.

What techniques are used in water damage restoration?

What kind of water damage solutions does your local Restoration X team provide?

  • Leak detection can help you identify harmful water seepage before it has time to permanently damage your walls, floors or other facets of your home
  • Thermal imaging allows Restoration X to find water that’s invisible to the naked eye so remediation services can be performed immediately
  • Mold remediation technology prevents future mold growth and eradicates harmful toxic mold and mildew throughout your home

No matter what caused your water damage, you should consider professionals who have decades of training and experience to get the job done right.

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Restoration X handles emergencies fast

Your home is vulnerable to all kinds of emergencies, from fire to unexpected flooding. Though you may not be prepared to deal with a basement full of water or a closet teeming with mold, Restoration X is. The sooner you call Restoration X to get started on your home damage problem, the sooner you can return to a normal life.

Emergency services don’t always fall into one category or another, as some emergencies bring with them a whole host of issues. Hurricanes, for example, can cause structural damage as well as water issues, and a home fire may mean smoke damage in addition to water problems from the indoor sprinkler system.

Here are a few of the emergency services available from Restoration X whenever you need them:

  • Busted pipes
  • Toilet overflows
  • Emergency board-up
  • Sewage backups
  • Roof leaks and tarping
  • Mold damage

Keeping costs low is important

Not only will Restoration X work directly with your insurance provider to process your claim, it will keep your budget in mind throughout the entire length of the cleanup process. Home disasters can be frustrating and confusing, but Restoration X will explain the process so you understand it from beginning to end.

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