Got Water? Call Scott’s Flood Restoration

There’s no time to waste when you’re facing a flood in your home or office. The longer water sits in your property the more damage you’ll most likely have to deal with. Fast action from Scott’s Flood Restoration may save you thousands in structural damage as well as toxic mold issues, but you’ve got to act quickly! Every hour increases your risk of damage after a flood, burst pipe or in-wall leak, which is why Scott’s is available 24/7. Whether you’ve got water in your basement, your bathroom or coming in through the roof, let Scott’s Flood Restoration help get things back to normal!

Basement flooding and water extraction

When you’ve got water in your basement whether it’s excess moisture or knee-deep wastewater, you need professional help. Unattended basement flooding conditions may lead to electrical shorts or toxic mold if not treated properly, and Scott’s Flood Restoration has advanced water extraction tools available.

When you’ve got a water issue in your basement or crawlspace and you’re not sure where to start, call the friendly team at Scott’s Flood Restoration right away. A certified technician can arrive to assess your situation within an hour and provide a free estimate on the water damage restoration needed.


What’s involved in professional water damage restoration? Scott’s uses state-of-the-art technology to determine exactly where the moisture’s hiding and then massive industrial drying fans to pull all remaining moisture out of your home’s surfaces. Technicians will continually monitor the moisture levels to ensure they return to normal.

Need wastewater removal?

There are few things worse than a home flood, except one that involves contaminated wastewater. Scott’s Flood Restoration is trained to deal with contaminated liquids such as sewage water and toilet bowl water. It’s crucial to call as soon as possible to prevent:

  • The risk of viral and bacterial diseases such as hepatitis
  • Mold spores in the billions growing within days
  • Odors that are difficult to remove
  • Stains on your walls, floors or other surfaces

This Category Three water damage is the most serious of all and necessitates professional intervention. Let Scott’s Flood Restoration handle the dirty work so you can get back into your safe, clean home faster.

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Call Scott’s Flood Restoration anytime

Emergencies are difficult to plan for and they rarely happen when it’s convenient for you or your family. That’s why the Scott’s team is available to talk to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Floods won’t wait! Whether it’s Thanksgiving Day or a random Sunday morning, you’ve got help in the water damage restoration industry.

Scott’s Flood Restoration is the trusted name in full-service flood mitigation, offering everything from mold remediation to flood cleanup. Its team will guarantee its work for a year and will even work with your insurance provider to ensure you claim’s handled properly so you won’t get stuck with overwhelming bills.

If you’ve got water inside your home due to plumbing problems, weather or just human error, call the technicians at Scott’s Flood Restoration right away. They’ll snap into action and work hard to clean up your property and get you back to normal.

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