ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon Can Help in an Emergency

Families, business owners, and landlords have trusted in ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon when they need help fast. No matter what kind of disaster has befallen your property, ServiceMaster’s highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment is just what you need to restore your structure to normal. The faster you bring in professionals to deal with water damage, fire damage, or mold the better your final result can be. Don’t wait another minute, call ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon today to get a free estimate!

What caused your flood?

Most of America prone to flooding for many reasons, but when you’re knee-deep in water it really doesn’t matter what caused the problem. From dangerous Category Three sewage spills to simple pipe leaks, ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon is prepared to handle any type of flood damage, fast. Within an hour of your call, a certified technician can be at your door to provide a free estimate.


There are dozens of culprits when it comes to home flooding and you may be surprised to know that floods are the No. 1 reason for homeowner’s insurance claims in the United States! Here are a few of the more common problems that ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon sees:

  • Pipe breaks or bursting due to ice
  • Sewage backups that spread contaminated water into your home
  • Improper plumbing installation that leads to leaks
  • Hot water heater leaks or breaks
  • Pervasive dampness that leads to mold growth
  • Rain and other inclement weather that brings sudden flooding

Flooding is difficult to predict and many homeowners don’t know they’re at risk until they wake up with a water problem. Don’t let water damage ruin your basement, your office or your rental property! Call ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon immediately after you experience a water issue and a team will be at your property in about an hour.

Severe water damage often calls for reconstruction

Depending on the cause and the origin of the flooding, you may need full-scale reconstruction once the water is gone. ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon provides a wide range of water damage restoration services, including contents pack-out, drywall and framing.

It’s important that the company you hire to treat your water damage takes precautions to prevent future mold growth. Not only can mold weaken your structure and lower your home’s resale value, it can actually make you sick. ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon offers a variety of mold remediation and mitigation services.

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Fast action is key for a clean home

The longer you wait to deal with standing water, fire damage or mold in your home the more difficult it will be to rid your structure of damage. Water, in particular, only takes a few hours to severely damage your home, which is why ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon is available 24/7 in case of emergency.

From your hardwood floors to your drywall, nothing in your home is impervious to moisture. ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon’s equipment is designed to detect hidden moisture, extract all remaining water, then dehumidify the space while maintaining equilibrium. All this comes with a guarantee of all work for a full year and help with your insurance company so your claim gets handled efficiently and quickly.

It's best to bring in professionals when you experience a water disaster. Be sure to call a company that understands how to restore your home to its original condition: ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon.

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