SERVPRO of Braun Station Can Erase Water Damage

There are few things more unpleasant than finding water damage in your home, whether it’s a basement full of stormwater or a room full of mold. SERVPRO of Braun Station is the choice for fast, professional restoration services. Its highly trained technicians and backing by one of America’s most trusted restoration brands can help ensure your home returns to its previous condition after a disaster. There’s no good time to experience a flood or fire but having the right team on call 24/7 can make all the difference. SERVPRO of Braun Station has been providing reliable water damage restoration for years!

After a flood, you need dehumidification


When water is rushing into your home it’s natural to be concerned about the immediate damage being done to your carpets, furniture and walls. But of greater concern is what moisture and humidity can do to your structure and belongings in the long run if the water is not properly extracted by a professional water damage restoration company. SERVPRO of Braun Station has the equipment you need to get the job done right.

Proper dehumidification services mean:

  • Equilibrium will be maintained in regards to the moisture in the air
  • Hidden moisture pockets will be detected and removed
  • No mold will be able to grow within walls or upholstery
  • Floors may be able to be saved once all humidity is extracted

SERVPRO of Braun Station has truck-mounted dehumidifiers capable of cleaning everything from a studio apartment to an industrial facility. A team of certified technicians can be at your home or office in about an hour after your call to get started on this process.

Commercial services are also available

Whether you own an apartment complex, an office building or a manufacturing plant, you won't want to handle severe water or fire damage on your own. Especially when getting back to work requires extensive cleanup first, you need the expertise provided by SERVPRO of Braun Station.

Certain types of flooding aren’t just inconvenient, they can be dangerous too. Contaminated water floods due to sewage or septic overflows are hazardous to your employees’ and customers’ health and must be handled promptly and professionally. Let SERVPRO assess your damage and come up with a free estimate on a comprehensive plan for dealing with your situation.

Why do structures experience flooding?

There are dozens of reasons your home or office may be vulnerable to flood. Many of them are beyond your control but SERVPRO is always at the ready.

Some of the most common causes of flooding include:

  • Heavy rain that leads to swollen rivers, streams, and lakes
  • Roof damage that may allow rainwater inside the home
  • Broken basement pumps that cannot keep out water
  • Plumbing malfunctions that cause water to leech through walls
  • Sewage backups that spread contaminated water throughout the home

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Whatever the cause of your water damage or even your fire, smoke or mold situation, call in SERVPRO of Braun Station right away. Its friendly staff is waiting to talk to you about the next steps for your property. Afterward, staff will work with your insurance company to make sure all documentation and paperwork is filed promptly for a fast claim. Also, all its work is guaranteed for a year.

When you need help with a home disaster and you’re not sure who to call, reach out to the trusted team at SERVPRO of Braun Station!

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