Specialty Water Damage Restoration Stops Water in Its Tracks

If your home, business or commercial property is facing the devastating effects of a flood, you need help from Specialty Water Damage Restoration. There’s no better time than now to act when it comes to salvaging your home’s vulnerable elements, from flooring to furniture. Call Specialty Water Damage Restoration LLC right away for a comprehensive assessment of your property. Someone is always available to take your call, provide an estimate and work directly with insurance adjusters! No one knows water problems like Specialty Water Damage Restoration.

Water damage calls for fast professional attention

The longer you wait to deal with water, the worse the damage can be. Moisture that sits on your floors and in your walls can cause lasting damage that may be expensive and time-consuming to repair. The certified technicians at Specialty Water Damage Restoration work around the clock to clean up messes right away.


Certified water extraction specialists will rush to your property within 60 minutes when you contact Specialty Water Damage Restoration and begin the extraction process. Depending on the severity and the type of water damage in your structure you’ll be given an estimated timeline of the process.

  • Large-scale extraction equipment will suck out all standing water
  • Suction and air movers will pull the remaining moisture from floors and walls
  • Air dehumidifiers will sustain equilibrium in the home so as to not spread moisture
  • Antibacterial agents will be applied if necessary to decontaminate your home

Specialty Water Damage Restoration treats any size and any type of water damage, from a full-scale flood to a small leak. Whether you’ve got an overflowing toilet or a broken dishwasher, Specialty Water Damage Restoration can help.

Moisture leads to mold

The No. 1 issue that springs from water damage is mold growth. Mold is difficult to spot until it’s already become a large problem, and certain kinds of mold can make you and your family sick. Mold is relatively easy to prevent if caught early, and it all starts with proper water damage restoration.

Here’s what to look for if you suspect mold in your home or commercial space:

  • Green, brown, or black splotches on walls or on the ceilings
  • Mildew or musty smell that gets worse over time
  • Sudden and pervasive respiratory problems such as asthma

The team at Specialty Water Damage Restoration has the tools and the training necessary to take care of your mold issue. And if you’re lucky enough to catch a mold problem before it spreads you may be surprised how simple the fix really is!

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The sooner you put in a call to Specialty Water Damage Restoration, the better your end-results can be. There’s no convenient time to experience water damage whether it’s a flood or a small leak, but the experts are ready to take your call.

Flooding happens for many reasons: improperly installed appliances, roof leaks, sump-pump failures and flash floods. Whatever the cause of your property flooding, Specialty Water Damage Restoration is a trusted name in water damage restoration. All it takes is one call to get started with a free estimate on a custom dry-out plan. After the work is done, its team will work directly with your insurance provider to finish up the claims process as fast as possible. There's even a one-year guarantee on all work.

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