For More Than 40 Years, Steamatic Has Been Treating Water Damage

Since 1968, the growing Steamatic team has been innovating new ways to help keep your home and commercial structures clean, safe and dry. With decades of professional training, Steamatic’s always-mobile teams can handle anything from a basement flood to a burned-out kitchen. Offering whole-home restoration from the ground up, you’re in experienced hands when you call Steamatic. Call anytime, day or night, to dispatch a professional water damage restoration technician to your home or business. Steamatic never closes, because flooding and other home disasters never take time off.

Your floors need help after water strikes

In most cases of water damage, the floors are the first thing to go. The longer water sits on flooring and subflooring the greater the probability these materials become unsalvageable. Steamatic specializes in whole-carpet cleaning and will do everything it can to save your floors and return your carpets to new after water hits. The key is to call as soon as possible.

Carpet is particularly susceptible to problems after experiencing standing water because of the potential for mold growth. Toxic mold and mildew love to take root in carpeted surfaces, as there’s plenty of organic material to eat as well as a lot of moisture. The faster you bring in professionals to dry your carpeting right, the better off you’ll most likely be.


What to do when experiencing water damage

Steamatic has had years to learn the proper way to deal with excess water. If you’re experiencing indoor flooding for the first time it’s probably overwhelming and you may not know where to start. Here are a few tips from your local Steamatic pros on what to do the second you notice a water issue:

  • Stop the flow of water by turning it off at its source, if possible
  • Keep the indoor temperature below 70 degrees to decrease the risk of mold
  • Place foil or plastic underneath the legs of large furniture
  • Avoid or use great caution when entering waterlogged areas that may have active electricity
  • Do not walk on wet carpet to avoid contaminating other parts of the structure

And most importantly of all, call water damage restoration experts right away! They’ve got certified technicians at the ready to get to work 24 hours a day.

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Weather catastrophes can cause major damage

Many of the worst kinds of damage stem from weather issues that simply aren’t preventable. Steamatic offers wind and tornado damage repair as well as a full line of flood services in case your home or commercial structure was caught unprepared in a storm. Its large loss catastrophe team is standing by to handle any job, any size, anywhere.

After a large-scale disaster, you’ll likely need a variety of services. From contents pack-out to art restoration, your local Steamatic technicians have a solution. One call to Steamatic and you’re well on your way to getting cleaned up and back to normal.

When you call Steamatic, you'll be sure to get a response within an hour. Someone experienced in your problem will provide a free estimate and answer your questions about the cleanup process. After the work is done, Steamatic will work with your insurance provider to file all the necessary paperwork to resolve your claim as efficiently as possible. All its work is guaranteed for a year.

There’s a reason your neighbors have counted on Steamatic for everything from carpet cleaning to mold mitigation for more than 40 years. The company is an industry leader with its state-of-the-art technology and is always ready to take your call. Emergency services from Steamatic are just what you need when facing an emergency.

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