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Nearly every home has issues with moisture, mold, or flooding, but Steambay Cleaning and Restoration knows how to deal with them. Facing a water issue can be overwhelming but bringing in the right professionals as soon as possible can save you time and money. The sooner Steambay Cleaning and Restoration can address your water issue, the better your final results can be and the less chance you’ll need to contend with mold, humidity and irreversible damage. Call Steambay Cleaning and Restoration as soon as you experience water damage for a free estimate and 60-minute response time.

Why does water damage happen?


There are numerous conditions that can lead to a leak or flood in your home or commercial space. Steambay Cleaning and Restoration has handled everything from small roof leaks to massive basement flooding, and all kinds of issues in between. The amount of water doesn’t necessarily determine the severity of your water damage. Factors such as where the damage occurs and what kind of water has leaked may have a greater affect on your outcome.

Steambay Cleaning and Restoration can handle any size leak or plumbing problem. And best of all, a team in on-call available 24/7 so you have someone to call when water is discovered in the middle of the night.

Here are a few of the many reasons you may experience a water problem:

  • Broken pipes or plumbing fixtures
  • Appliances that leak or malfunction
  • Basement flooding caused by rain or weather
  • Human error such a faucets left running
  • Aging plumbing within walls and ceilings

Waste water removal is serious business

It’s important to bring in professionals right away when you suspect your water damage was caused by contaminated water. Sewage and septic tank water can make you sick, spreading everything from hepatitis to bacteria throughout your home. Steambay Cleaning and Restoration can help stop the contamination before it becomes dangerous.

The experts at Steambay Cleaning and Restoration have the equipment and training to deal with your contaminated water issue the correct way. It’s crucial to not only remove the contaminated water but to deal with the resulting residue and humidity, too. Steambay Cleaning and Restoration offers a full line of decontamination services as well as antimicrobial applications when necessary to clean and sanitize your home.

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Don’t wait to call for assistance

The faster you bring in professional help, the better your final result is likely to be. Your greatest enemy when it comes to water disasters is time. In less than 48 hours billions of mold spores can take root in your home, and can quickly make surfaces beyond repair.

Steambay Cleaning and Restoration is open 24 hours a day so you always have someone to call when problems strike. Water damage doesn’t always occur during normal business hours but there’s less to worry about when you’ve got a water damage restoration team at the ready!

The team members at Steambay Cleaning and Restoration will work directly with any and all insurance providers to get your claim processed fast, and because they believe in what they do they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Call Steambay Cleaning and Restoration when you need water damage restoration at your home or business.

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