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For more than two decades the team at Superior Cleaning and Restoration has been dealing with this area’s worst water situations. Whether your water problem was caused by weather, human error or old plumbing, Superior Cleaning and Restoration can help! It's available 24 hours a day to jump into action when you need help the most, with a 60-minute response time. The less time you wait to contact a professional the less permanent damage you’re likely to incur. Water damage happens within hours, not days, so Superior Cleaning and Restoration is always ready to take your call.


Flooring gets the worst of water damage

In many cases, floors get the brunt of water damage when a flood occurs inside a property. Whether they’re hardwood, carpet or even tile, floors cannot withstand prolonged exposure to moisture without adverse effects. Superior Cleaning and Restoration specializes in floor water removal so you have a better chance of salvaging your floors.

  • CARPET that stays moist for extended periods of time may become a breeding ground for mold
  • HARDWOOD flooring, once wet, can buckle or warp over time
  • TILE moisture can cause mold within grout and breakage of the tiles
  • SUBFLOORING can crumble or begin to mildew after only a few hours under water

Let Superior Cleaning and Restoration get to work immediately on your toughest water problem so you can stop thinking about the disaster and get back to normal life. It’s never too early to begin a water damage restoration which is why Superior Cleaning and Restoration is available 24 hours a day. A certified technician can assess the situation and offer a free estimate before starting, and work within insurance guidelines so a claim will go smoothly. Plus, all work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Cleaning is the key to preventing water damage

Flooding is caused by a wide variety of issues such as weather, inattention and even normal wear and tear. But when you regularly tend to your home’s internal systems you may be able to remove many of the risks that over time lead to water issues.

Superior Cleaning and Restoration offers servicing and inspections for everything from air ducts to HVAC systems to ensure your home's systems are operating smoothly. Clogged pipes, HVAC units and dirty air ducts may set off a chain of events that can result in water where you don’t want it. Why not stop the problem before it starts?

Call Superior Cleaning and Restoration today to find out more about your options for inspecting your home’s vital signs and learn the dangers of waiting to act until disaster strikes. A phone call right now may be able to save you weeks of work and thousands of dollars down the road.

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Why does water damage happen?

There are a lot of causes of water damage. Insurance providers say water problems are the No. 1 cause of claims filed in the U.S., and many of the large-scale issues that cost homeowners the most could have been prevented. Superior Cleaning and Restoration knows the value of acting fast and dealing with the most pressing water problems sooner rather than later.

Some of the most common causes of water damage include weather, plumbing deficiencies and malfunctioning appliances. Sewer issues and roof leaks are also common culprits, but whatever the case, Superior Cleaning and Restoration is ready. Don’t let water stop you in your tracks – call Superior Cleaning and Restoration right now to get started with a customized water damage restoration plan!

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