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Water damage doesn’t usually happen at the best time of day and most people are completely unprepared to deal with such a catastrophic issue. Whether your utility room is ankle-deep in water or you’ve found a leak in the bathroom, you need the help of T&T Emergency Water Removal. Twenty-four hours a day, the experts at T&T Emergency Water Removal are ready to handle any type of water problem. Locally owned and operated, T&T Emergency Water Removal is the smart choice for reliable, quick repair to your home or commercial structure.

Emergency service when you need it

There’s no time to waste when it comes to water damage. Flooding is one of the most serious things that can happen to your home and the faster you act, the better. Mere hours can mean the difference in saving your floors and having to rip up half the room to replace everything from drywall to carpet, which is why T&T Emergency Water Removal is always on call and can be at your home in less than 60 minutes.

Technicians are always available at T&T Emergency Water Removal for a quick response time and free estimate because you never know when water’s going to strike. The sooner you can begin extracting excess water and structurally drying the property the less long-term issues you’re likely to have. Many of the worst after-effects of water damage are preventable with fast action.


T&T Emergency Water Removal has the tools and the training you deserve to ensure your home’s cleaned properly. Whether it’s contaminated water, a broken pump or a flash flood, T&T Emergency Water Removal knows what to do!

What to do when water damage occurs

Most homeowners are unprepared to deal with standing water when it happens. Although flooding is one of the most common and high-priced disasters that happen in U.S. homes, it's not something most people expect to deal with.

Here are some tips from the professionals at T&T Emergency Water Removal to help speed up your cleanup process and keep your family safe in the event of a water emergency:

  • Immediately turn off the source of the water
  • Do your best to remove furniture and valuables from the flooded room
  • Place plastic bags underneath the legs of furniture that can't be moved
  • Do not enter a room that may be flooded with contaminated (sewer) water
  • Never enter a flooded room that may have live electricity

Call the pros at T&T Emergency Water Removal

Unsure where to turn when facing a home emergency? Water damage comes in many forms, from full-scale flooding to residual mold in crawlspaces, and T&T Emergency Water Removal is trained to handle them all. Most of the worst long-term problems are preventable with quick action and a professional eye.

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T&T Emergency Water Removal is available when you need help quickly. Its technicians are fully certified and insured and the business is a member of the BBB. It guarantees its work for one year and also works directly with almost all insurance providers. The claims process is usually easier to move along when you work with a professional water damage restoration company and T&T Emergency Water Removal has years of experience dealing with nearly every insurer.

Think you need help dealing with an overwhelming water issue in your home? The sooner you take action when it comes to a moisture problem, the more T&T Emergency Water Removal can do for you.

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