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Residential flooding is one of the most common disasters in the U.S., accounting for a large percentage of homeowners insurance claims. Compared with other water damage companies, The Clean Machine has top equipment and a roster of highly trained, courteous technicians on call whenever you need them. When it comes to water damage restoration, t’s never too early to begin the extraction and drying process. Why? The faster you start, the better off you’ll be. Why trust you home to anyone but the best? Call The Clean Machine right now to dispatch a team of professionals directly to your home, where the process will start with a free onsite estimate.

The many causes of water damage

You may be surprised just how many situations can lead to dangerous water damage. The Clean Machine provides water damage services for everything from full basement floods to minor roof leaks.

So, what are the causes of water damage? Here are a few of the most common:

  • Precipitation such as heavy rain or snow that melts and runs off.
  • Natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes.
  • Plumbing problems such as leaky pipes or eroded joints.
  • Sewage issues that cause contaminated water floods.

Whatever caused your residential flooding issue, call The Clean Machine right away. It will spring into action quickly to ensure your property’s cleaned thoroughly and efficiently, because time counts when it comes to water damage restoration.

A clean home is a safer home

Water damage often comes hand-in-hand with other issues such as fire, saturated carpets or dirty air ducts. That’s why The Clean Machine offers a wide array of cleaning services for everything from your floors to your walls and more. Call now for a free quote!


What’s better than a clean home and professional service? All work is guaranteed for a year. With The Clean Machine you can rest assured your house is ready for anything that comes its way!

Service when you need it most

Friendly, highly trained professionals and the latest equipment aren’t all The Clean Machine has to offer over other water damage companies. More than anything, clients often appreciate 24-hour emergency service. Flooding and other home disasters aren’t just contained to normal business hours! That’s why The Clean Machine is ready to answer the phone and dispatch a team the second you call.

Get Help in 60 Minutes or Less
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When you’re ready for superior service from a crew of consummate professionals, The Clean Machine is ready to hear from you. Remember that every hour after water damages your home is crucial and that irreversible damage can begin to occur in as little as one day. Mold, structural issues and electrical problems all may result from inaction after a water catastrophe, so call now.

The Clean Machine will work directly with your insurance provider on your water damage restoration claim. If you have questions or concerns, your Clean Machine technician is always here to help.

Call now to get started with a cleaning routine – air ducts, hardwood floors, flooding – you name it! There’s no mess too big or too complicated for The Clean Machine to handle with its high-tech water removal equipment and trained professionals. Now is the time to act to make your home safer and more sanitary than ever!


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