The Flood Doctor Specializes in Water Damage

For years, the team at The Flood Doctor has been helping homeowners with water damage restoration. Whether the issue is flooding, mold, moisture or leaks your home deserves technicians who are specifically trained in water damage services. Fully licensed and insured and always available, The Flood Doctor is the smart choice when you're deciding among water damage companies. Any time of the day or night, call The Flood Doctor to begin a customized routine to get rid of your water problem fast. With options available that may be able to dry your home in as little as three hours, The Flood Doctor is exactly what you need when emergency strikes!

The name says it all: The Flood Doctor knows flooding!

No one knows flooding better than The Flood Doctor, from full-scale industrial building floods to an overwhelming home basement full of water. Whatever the case, call The Flood Doctor right away when a flood hits; the longer you wait, the more damage is being done!


Flooding is more common than you think, particularly in residential homes. Insurance providers say flooding is among the top reasons homeowners file claims, but much of the damage is actually done in the hours and days following the initial damage.

Here are a few of the water damage terms The Flood Doctor wants you to be aware of when deciding on your next course of action:

  • Water removal: The specific and immediate process of removing standing water from a space.
  • Water damage repair: The process of removing the damaged materials and repairing the damage itself such as carpet and sheetrock.
  • Water damage restoration: The overall completion of the task of removing the remaining moisture and repairing damaged surfaces and structures.

The Flood Doctor manages every aspect of the removal and restoration process to ensure everything from your curtains to your furniture is handled with care. Their technicians make every effort to salvage your flooring and property features, but the faster you bring them in, the better your chances will be!

Plus, all work is guaranteed for a year.

Water damage can make you sick

Some kinds of water damage can actually be harmful to your health. Not only does standing water pose an electrocution threat as well as provide a slippery surface to fall on, it can actually spread dangerous bacteria throughout your home.

The Flood Doctor can handle any category of water damage, from rainwater to overflowing faucets to a dreaded toilet pipe burst. Sewer water must be handled with the utmost care to be removed properly and hygienically, and The Flood Doctor also offers a line of sanitizing agents to ensure your home’s clean once the water’s gone. Everything starts with a free onsite estimate.

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Mold is a Silent Culprit

One of the worst things that can come from water damage in your home or commercial space is a problem with mold. Mold is unsightly, smelly and difficult to remove if undetected, and it can also make you ill! The Flood Doctor can help you right away.

Whether you’ve got a pressing concern over water rushing into your home, mildew odor in your bathroom, or even a trauma stain you can’t seem to remove, give The Flood Doctor a call. The company always available to spring into action to handle even the messiest water damage services.

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